How to Set Up Twitch on Your PS4

Want to set up your Twitch broadcast? I've got the quick steps to do so here.

As Gameskinny Editor Amy White wrote in her article earlier this week, it's super easy to broadcast to Twitch on your PS4. It's a four step process, in fact. 

But how easy is it to connect your Twitch account to your PS4? Incredibly easy, it turns out. 

  1. Press Share Button
  2. Press Options Button
  3. Click on Share Settings
  4. Click on Broadcast Settings
  5. Click "Manage Account Information" 
  6. Save Twitch Info 

Once you've done that, you are just moments away from broadcasting. You simply press Share, click Broadcasting, and then click Twitch and you can start broadcasting immediately. 

Unless you disable it, you can see the amount of people watching you, the comments they're giving on your play, and even tweet or Facebook your followers to let them know that there is a live stream going on. 

If you want to see your footage later, you'll need to set Twitch up to archive it. Want to see that killer play in NBA 2K14? Hoping to show your friend how to get past that one spot in Killzone: Shadow Fall? On your PC or browser, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to Twitch 
  2. Go to My Settings
  3. Click "Videos: 
  4. Under Videos, check the box for "Archive Broadcasts." 

Keep in mind, these archives are no longer saved forever, so eventually they will go away. But if you're looking for a quick recap of earlier play, it's an easy system to get involved with. 

Having problems setting up Twitch on your PS4? I'll try to answer your questions in the comments below. 

Oh, and you can find me on Twitch here.

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Published Nov. 18th 2013
  • Based_Rob
    when i am trying to stream on my PS4 it shows the comments will not be displayed, i have enabled on my PS4. i have changed my DNS to and 2nd to (points straigh tot google) disconnected ps4 to twich and reconnected. not sure what else to try.
  • Skip_2263
    -_- trying to set up a new account, I'm getting an error message that my "password must be at least 5 characters" or something when it clearly is. I reset my password and now it just says the username or password is incorrect. This log in works on my phone but not on my PS4... I'm stuck
  • sandukan
    My cousin is streaming some dragonball xenoverse right now an I only see the blue menu screen. So the ps4 thinks he's still in the menu but he's not. I can hear him playing the game through his mic. What could be causing this?
  • JR_7522
    what and where is the share button... this tells me nothing..
  • zach_4955
    When I'm streaming... How do I turn down the game volume so my viewers can hear me through the mic? Please help!!
  • runboi_9048
    how do you change account
  • cut_throatta561
    I just started live streaming with twitch and I can't figure out how to find my followers how do you find how many followers you have
  • DanTheGamer00
    im having problems logging in to my twitch account from my ps4 , it does not let me input my password. (the little hand just disappears)
  • Josh donaghy
    When ever i click on "go to twitch website" it has a loading screen but doesnt come up with the twitch page please help
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    There might be a problem with the servers or with your internet connection? If the problem persists, your best luck is contacting Twitch and finding out what is wrong.
  • KuzuRanger
    Q: Once your broadcast is archived on Twitch, can you DL or save that video directly to your PC? If not, can you you send that video directly to Youtube?

    Basically I want to know the easiest way to save my Twitch gameplay (and hopefully edit it) with the goal of uploading to Youtube. Thank you.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Sorry for the late response. Normally you'd archive Twitch gameplay, but it is currently not possible with the PS4. This is the system I used for my Killzone: Shadow Fall walk throughs:
  • Loopy40
    I am having an issue with the quality and archiving on twitch, first of all the quality of the stream isn't the best and is laggy, would that just be because of my internet speed perhaps? And also I followed all the steps for archiving video, but it just does not want to archive anything, once I am done a stream, that is it, it is gone and nowhere to be seen again. I would like to do play through of games and upload to youtube using twitches youtube uploader, but that is impossible seeing as it is not archiving no matter what I do. If you know a solution to this problem, or have any insight, that would be much appreciated!

    UPDATE: With some more looking into things I discovered this
    under "Gameplay Sharing"
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    from what I've read, the first issue is related to your internet . I haven't heard anything about the second one, but I'll see if I can find a solution for you.
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    The one thing that I dislike from word that I have heard is superficial. For those who use their Twitch streams for revenue, there is no way at the moment to brand their stream. Hopefully Sony will fix this in the future.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I suppose if Twitch were your livelihood that would be something you'd be concerned on. For the more casual user, though, is well served I think.
  • Stephen F. Johnston
    Featured Contributor
    The other issue is that the PS4 does not send the game info to Twitch and many of the PS4 games are not setup on Twitch so you can't add it manually. This is something both ends of the setup need to fix for this functionality to really take off. if Twitch is flooded with people saying they are playing Minecraft when they are really playing Nack then people will start to lose confidence in Twitch.
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    Something quite interesting I read about the Twitch connection to the PS4 is that if you're live-streaming and you get a friend request or a private message, it automatically blurs the usernames and text so that it remains private, that's something quite worth saying :)
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I really like how when you go to the menus, it blue's out the screens so it can avoid showing private info on the Twitch stream. You're right though, it's fantastic!
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    indeed, it shows that Sony actually thought of these sort of things ahead of everyone

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