It Takes Two Guide: All Minigames Locations

Follow our guide to find the locations of all 25 minigames in It Takes Two.

There are 25 minigames in It Takes Two, all of them are pure fun. The games are really simple, but finding them all can be a problem. This guide will provide you with all the minigame locations in It Takes Two.

Just follow our tips below, and you should hear a specific sound whenever you're on the right path. This will indicate that you're on the right track and you should be able to find all 25 minigames without any issues whatsoever.

It Takes Two: All Minigames Locations

1. Whack-a-Cody

  • Level: The Shed - The Depths

You will be automatically prompted to play this minigame in the middle of the level by Dr. Hakim.

2. Flip the Switch

  • Level: The Shed - The Depths

The second one can be played right after the first minigame. After solving the puzzle, turn right and you will see a huge metal circle in the distance.

3. Tug of War

  • Level: The Tree - Captured

Once you reach the area with the soccer ball, turn left from the soccer ball and reach the rope pulled over a hole in the ground.

4. Plunger Dunger

  • Level: The Tree - Deeply Rooted

Once you drop from the giant blue fish, you will land right in front of the tunnels, which are the starting point of the Plunger Dunger minigame.

5. Tank Brothers

  • Level: Rose's Room - Pillow Fort

This game can be seen on top of stacked pillows right in front of you at the beginning of the level. Just walk up to them and climb over.

6. Spacewalk

  • Level: Rose's Room - Spaced Out

Power up the first robot and go behind it into the vertical tunnel. Float to the top, but try to squeeze into the opening right beneath the very top level. There you can find a teleport to the next minigame.

7. Laser Tennis

  • Level: Rose's Room - Spaced Out

This minigame is hidden in the same float tunnel, but one level higher, right beneath the top in the opening.

8. Rodeo

  • Level: Rose's Room - Hopscotch

Go to the very end of the level, passing by the main path to your right. There is a stack of pillows at the end. Just go over them for the Rodeo minigame.

9. Feed the Reptile

  • Level: Rose's Room - Hopscotch

Right after you finish the first rail riding challenge, turn right and go along the green path to this minigame.

10. Batting Team

  • Level: Rose's Room - Hopscotch

Once you reach the path made of floating blocks, turn right to play the Batting Team minigame.

11. Birdstar

  • Level: Rose's Room - Once Upon a Time

Enter the courtyard of the giant castle and turn left. You should see a huge TV set, which is the Birdstar minigame.

12. Bomb Run

  • Level: Cuckoo Clock - Gates of Time

Once you reach the rails in the town, head down along these rails until you reach the opening to your left. Enter the opening and turn right for the Bomb Run minigame.

13. Horse Derby

  • Level: Cuckoo Clock - Gates of Time

If you turn right from the town square, you should reach the fisherman's dock. To the right of the docks there is the Horse Derby minigame.

14. Icicle Throwing

  • Level: Snow Globe - Winter Village

Once you enter the village, you will have to melt the three ice towers. This minigame is located in the left one.

15. Shuffle Board

  • Level: Snow Globe - Winter Village

This minigame is located inside a cave of the middle tower, which also needs to be melted first.

16. Snow Warfare

  • Level: Snow Globe - Winter Village

The final and third minigame of the Winter Village is located inside the third tower to the right.

17. Ice Race

  • Level: Snow Globe - Beneath the Ice

Follow the main mission to the underwater station, but before turning on the generator, swim outside to the top. You should see a platform on top with the racing line.

18. Garden Swings

  • Level: Garden - Weed Whacking

At the beginning of the level turn right and go over the stone stairs. There is the Garden Swings minigame.

19. Larva Basket

  • Level: Garden - Weed Whacking

When May finishes watering some plants, you need to jump on top of the mushrooms to your left. These will lead you to a stone pillar with the minigame.

20. Snail Race

  • Level: Garden - Frog Pond

After completing the vine rails challenge, you should arrive at a giant box. The Snail Race minigame is inside this box.

21. Slotcars

  • Level: The Attic - Setting the Stage

Follow the red carpet to the right of the start of the level, and it will lead you to the Slotcars minigame at the end.

22. Chess

  • Level: The Attic - Setting the Stage

Once you finish the rehearsal, a new red carpet will appear. Follow it and soon you will arrive at a gigantic chess area.

23. Musical Chairs

  • Level: The Attic - Setting the Stage

Left of the chess area there is a stack of books. Go over them and you'll see a small blue radio with the minigame.

24. Volleyball

  • Level: The Attic - Symphony

At the start of the level, look beneath the platform you're standing on. You should see a Volleyball minigame on the platform below.

25. Track Runner

  • Level: The Attic - Setting the Stage

Once you finish the Symphony level, you'll be back to the previous area. Follow a new red carpet to the right at the very start and enter the final minigame area.

Those are all minigame locations in It Takes Two. Also, check out the official GameSkinny review of the game right here.


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Published Apr. 6th 2021

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