The Best Weapons in Valheim Tier List

Mistlands update introduced a number of new weapons that could change your entire playstyle. Our tier list of the best weapons in Valheim showcases both old and new choices.

The newest Mistlands update in Valheim introduced many new weapons that have high damage and cool looks. This changes the meta quite drastically, as the new weapons have the tendency to change the overall playstyle of all Valheim survivors.

Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in Valheim, including both new and old weapons, as well as their crafting recipes.

S-Tier Weapons


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  • Type: Two-handed Sword.
  • Damage: 150/450

Krom is a massive weapon with the highest slash damage in the game. Although it is heavy and slows you down by 5%, if you wish to show enemies that you're the boss here, then it's worth crafting for sure.

At first, this weapon may seem slow to you, but as soon as you get used to its excruciating 3-hit combos, you'll never look back at your older weapons. The damage is too high and definitely rewarding!

Krom crafting recipe

  • 30 Iron.
  • 20 Bronze.
  • 5 Scale hide.

Staff of Embers

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  • Type: Magic Staff.
  • Damage: 120/138

This new magic weapon from the Mistlands update has already played a major role in the game due to its area of effect damage.

Staff of Embers can easily destroy stone towers with its fire projectiles, and some players even use it to harvest barley and flax. It's super handy and much faster than usual harvesting.

Staff of Embers crafting recipe

  • 20 Yggdrasil Wood.
  • 4 Surtling Core.
  • 16 Refined Eitr.

A-Tier Weapons

Blackmetal Axe

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  • Type: Axe.
  • Damage: 100/115

Blackmetal weapons still remain some of the best in the game even after all these years.

Although there is a Crystal Battleaxe these days with its own set of benefits, it is much easier to craft Blackmetal Axe. It is also much lighter and easier to use, and ultimately it deals more damage than Crystal Battleaxe.

Blackmetal Axe crafting recipe

  • 6 Fine Wood.
  • 20 Black Metal.
  • 5 Linen Thread.

Blackmetal Sword

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  • Type: Axe.
  • Damage: 95/113

Blackmetal Sword may not show excellent results at first, but it trumps all other similar options as soon as you upgrade it fully.

It becomes much faster and uses a lot less stamina once it is fully upgraded, and you can easily hack an entire village of enemies with it single-handedly.

Blackmetal Sword crafting recipe

  • 2 Fine Wood.
  • 20 Black Metal.
  • 5 Linen Thread.

B-Tier Weapons

Spine Snap

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  • Type: Bow.
  • Damage: 72/84

Spine Snap is a new high-damage bow from the Mistlands that has an extra piercing and spirit damage. The latter one is especially useful in the new update.

It does require a lot of stamina to use, but once you master it you can easily one-shot a troll with a single carapace arrow. If the stamina usage on Spine Snap is too much for you, then switch to Draugr Fang instead.

Spine Snap crafting recipe

  • 10 Fine Wood.
  • 40 Bone Fragments.
  • 10 Refined Eitr.


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  • Type: Club.
  • Damage: 80/95

Porcupine is a one-handed club that is cheap to craft and feels much stronger than Frostner or any other weapon of the similar class.

It combines both blunt and pierce type damage, which is a deadly combo capable of staggering enemies with just a single swing. Although Frostner has spirit damage, Porcupine is in all regards a better weapon.

Porcupine crafting recipe

  • 5 Fine Wood.
  • 20 Iron.
  • 5 Needle.
  • 10 Linen Thread.


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  • Type: Sword.
  • Damage: 70/75

Mistwalker is probably the best one-handed sword in Mistlands update. It doesn't have the damage of the Krom, but you can carry a shield with Mistwalker, which is also beneficial.

The best part about this sword is the slowing down effect, which allows you to easily deal with the Seekers. Parry their swings and initiate a power attack to defeat them instantly.

Mistwalker crafting recipe

  • 3 Fine Wood.
  • 15 Iron.
  • 10 Refined Eitr.
  • 3 Wisp.

Those are the best weapons in Valheim. Visit our dedicated Valheim guides page for more tips and tricks articles.

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Published Jan. 17th 2023

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