Black Desert Online Guide: How to Craft Gear

Check this guide out to learn how to craft gear in Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Online has many different ways to craft in the game, but gear is a bit different.You can craft weapons, armor, tools, and more, but not by yourself. You'll need to take advantage of the housing and worker system to do that.

I'll help you understand how gear crafting works and what you need to get started. If you want help with anything else, visit my Black Desert Online Beginner Tips and Tricks.

This guide will go over how to craft gear in Black Desert Online including:

  • Gear Crafting Requirements - What you need before you can start crafting gear.
  • Housing - How housing affects gear crafting.
  • Workers - How workers affect gear crafting.

Gear Crafting Requirements

If you want to craft gear you will need the following things:

  • Silver - Money is needed to buy houses.
  • Contribution Points - This is also needed to buy houses, so plan to save your points if you want to craft.
  • Workers - You need workers to craft the gear.
  • Materials - You need certain materials before you can tell your workers to craft.

The amount of things you need from the above list depends on what you want to make.

You'll want multiple workers and houses in major cities like Veila and Heidel, so be sure to save.


When you reach the city of Veila and beyond, you can buy houses that have many options aside from Residence and Storage.

One thing that you will want, no matter what you plan to make, is a Refinery. This place allows you to produce Black Stone Powder, which is needed for nearly everything you want to craft, as well as Black Stones for upgrading weapons and armor.

The other types of houses depend on what you want to make. You can open the map with M and click on any house to see the requirements to buy it, what types of facilities it grants you, and the materials needed to make any of the items.

Black Desert Online Refinery

Below are some different facilities to look for and what they do.

  • Handcraft - Main weapons for Sorceress and Witch/Wizard, Sub weapons for Sorceress, Berserker, and Tamer
  • Weapon Workshop - Main weapons for Warrior/Valkyrie, Berserker, and Tamer, sub weapons for Witch/Wizard
  • Armor Workshop - Armor crafting
  • Carpentry Workshop - Weapons for Archer
  • Goldsmith - Accessories crafting
  • Tool Workshop - Gathering tools crafting
  • Lodging - Allows you to hire more workers

Remember, all of these items cost contribution points, so keep in mind how many you have when you start trying to craft.

When you have all the materials, you must store them in the city that houses your crafting facilities. So, if you bought a Handcraft Workshop in Heidel, you must put all your materials in Heidel Storage to craft anything.


You cannot craft any pieces of gear yourself, so you need to hire workers to do it for you. There are 3 types of workers you can hire:

  • Goblin - Fastest, but lowest stamina
  • Human - Balanced
  • Giant - Slowest, but highest stamina

Humans are good ones to have since they are so balanced, but the other 2 are also great depending how often you'll stay logged into the game while they work.

Like materials, you want to hire workers in the city you are crafting in. You can do this by talking to the Work Supervisor NPC. It costs 5 energy every time you want to look for a worker.

You need to buy Lodging at a house to increase how many workers you can have in the city. You can check their work speed, moving speed, luck, stamina, and any skills they have there.

Sometimes you can get workers that have specific skills; such as increased work speed when crafting tools. This is also something to look at when deciding which workers to hire.

That's it for my guide on How to Craft Gear in Black Desert Online. If you want help with other crafting, check out my General Crafting guide. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Published Mar. 5th 2016

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