Jurassic World Evolution 2: How to Repair Ranger Vehicles & MVUs

Ranger vehicles and the Mobile Vet Unit will get damaged in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Here's how to repair jeeps and, if necessary, replace them.

Ranger vehicles and MVUs need to be repaired from time to time in Jurassic World Evolution 2. And knowing how to repair them isn't straightforward. It's not just regular wear and tear that puts them out of commission. Both carnivores and herbivores can attack ranger Teams for various reasons, and collisions can also whittle down their health bars over time.

But let's be honest: having to repair vehicles is mostly because of unhappy dinos pitching a fit. Some dinosaurs are flat-out angry because of low comfort levels or cohabitation issues. Others have "negative" traits gained naturally or from genome mods that make them aggressive or intolerant. With 84 different species in the game, there's bound to be some drama leading to repairs.

So how do you repair Ranger vehicles and the Mobile Vet Unit in Jurassic World Evolution 2? It's really quite simple, even if the game masks it in a bit of mystery.

How to Repair a Ranger Jeep, MVU in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Every Ranger Team and Mobile Vet Unit has a condition bar. This denotes every jeep's health pool, and it can be seen by hovering over them or hovering over their icons in the map view. A single bash from a Tyrannosaurus Rex, for example, can deplete almost half of a vehicle's condition bar.

You won't know every time a vehicle takes damage, but orange claw mark icons and text notifications appear when a dinosaur attacks a team.

Ranger jeeps and MVUs can repair themselves at the Response Center or Paleo-Medical Facility if left idle. Both need to stay at the Response Center or Paleo Facility without moving until repairs are complete. This cannot be done manually by taking direct control.

Teams will automatically return to the Response Center or Paleo Facility when they are done with their tasks. But if their task list is full, they may not return for repairs. Damage from dinosaur attacks and collisions will stack, and the Ranger vehicle will get destroyed.

Make sure to give teams downtime for repairs.

  • Don't give Rangers too many tasks to complete.
  • Remove tasks from damaged vehicles.

To remove tasks, choose the jeep or MVU, then click the task at the bottom of the pop-up window. Click the task and then the circle with the line through it that appears to the right of the task.

One tip is to build enough Response Centers and Medical Facilities so that your Ranger Teams and MVUs only have three or four assigned tasks at a time, leaving that fifth spot for emergencies and repairs.

How to Replace Destroyed Vehicles

If a Ranger jeep or Mobile Vet Unit takes too much damage, repairs won't be an option. It will get destroyed. A red icon of a burning engine and notification text will alert you that vehicles are in danger. The jeep or MVU will stay wherever it was destroyed until you replace it, then it will disappear.

To replace a destroyed Ranger vehicle

  • Click on the Response Center.
  • Choose the Ranger Team that's been destroyed (in red in the menu).
  • Click yes when asked if you'd like to replace the team.

To replace a destroyed Mobile Vet Unit:

  • Click on the Paleo-Medical Facility.
  • Choose the MVU that's been destroyed (in red in the menu).
  • Click yes when asked if you'd like to replace it.

Though repairs are free, each replacement costs $50,000. Once you choose to replace a jeep or van, it will automatically appear and continue performing the tasks of the previous vehicle if any were still assigned when it was destroyed. 

That's all you need to know if you're wondering how to repair Ranger vehicles or MVUs and replace them in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Frankly, it takes a long time for these jeeps and vans to lose enough condition points to get destroyed, and when they do, you should already have enough money from amenities and attractions to quickly replace them. For more tips, check out these JWE 2 guides.

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Published Nov. 19th 2021

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