Tropico 5 Windowed Mode Does Exist - Hidden Under Island Beuracuracy

Windowed mode does exist! It is the last resolution option!

Tropico 5 has just released and fans are rushing out to build their island dictatorships. While there are many improvements to the Tropico 5 UI, there are some elements of the UI that are a bit hidden.

At first glance I thought that Kalypso had forgotten a Windowed mode, which would be a real shame because sometimes I like to browse the web while waiting for a building to complete or just to assuage my ADD tendencies and call it "multi-tasking." However, windowed mode does exist as is shown in the image below.


How do you find this little gem? It is the top most resolution option. Yeah. That's completely not obvious.


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Published May. 24th 2014
  • Landon Sommer
    Windowed mode should be pretty standard IMO. It makes for easy changing between gaming and scouring the internet for useless info.

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