How Long is Hollow Knight?

How much content can you expect to get out of this Metroidvania game?

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania-style platformer from indie developer group Team Cherry. As it is an indie title, it's reasonable to wonder how much content you're getting for your purchase, as indie games tend to be on the shorter side. You needn't worry, however-- Hollow Knight packs a ton of content into its $15 package.

Total Play Time for Hollow Knight

The game has roughly 13 major areas for you to explore, give or take. Each area can range from one to even two hours to clear (sometimes more when full completion is taken into account), so you can expect a lot of playtime from even one playthrough.

HowLongToBeat calculates a playthrough at around 21 hours -- and that's just for the main story. If you add in optional areas, that figure inflates to 26 hours, which is staggering for an indie game. And if you're a real completionist, you're looking at a whopping 42 hours of playtime. When you consider that many indie games fall short of even 10 hours, Hollow Knight's length is truly impressive.

How does the game fill all that playtime? We already mentioned the area count, but the game boasts quite a few more features, including:

  • 30 bosses
  • Over 130 enemies
  • A beautiful hand-drawn art style
  • A great atmospheric soundtrack
  • Lots of adorable bug characters
  • Even more content coming this month in the form of a free update

If you're looking for a short little indie game to pick up and beat within one or two sessions, you're probably better looking elsewhere. But if you want an experience that you can savor for longer, all for only fifteen bucks, Hollow Knight is almost certainly worth your time.

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Published Jul. 10th 2017

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