Deliver Us Mars: How to Hook Up the MPT Dish

Let's go over how to get the MPT dish back up and running in Deliver Us Mars.

While the concept of solving Deliver Us Mars' puzzles is simple, things are a little bit more complicated in execution. Hooking up the MPT dish in the game's first chapter is the first major puzzle that players will encounter that teaches them the puzzle mechanics. As a result, many players are finding themselves stuck when trying to figure out how to get the MPT dish set.

How to Fix the MPT Dish in Deliver Us Mars

You'll encounter the MTP dish early on in your time with Deliver Us Mars. After the prologue ends and the plot jumps to Kathy's story in the present day, Chapter 1 will start. When you get control, run to the center of the dish and climb down the tower until you get to the bottom of a ladder.

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Here, you'll be tasked with removing some debris that's blocking a laser from connecting with its receiver. Use R2 to use your laser cutter to disassemble the debris and the laser will start connecting properly again.

Kathy will note that once the debris is taken care of, she needs to hook up more STREAME points. Continue heading down until you make it to a large area with two points that are disconnected.

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Approach the building on the left and use your laser cutter to open the shades on the window on the outside of the building. Once that's done, head inside and cut the clasps holding the laser under the floor.

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Interact with the laser and point it at the STREAME point receiver on the building to the right. You'll know that you have the laser lined up properly when it turns green. Hit R2 to shoot the laser at the receiver. When you do, the door to the building on the right will unlock and open.

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Run across the way and through the now open door on the right building. Interact with the laser inside and point it at the receiver on the left, to the right of the building with the first laser.

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Return to the first building and then point the laser that was keeping the door unlocked on the second building at the receiver to the left of the building so that the lasers are intersecting in the middle of the area.

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Once that's done, you'll have finished the puzzle and hooked up the MPT dish. Leave the area and meet up with Ryan to progress the story. Check out our other Deliver Us Mars guides for more walkthroughs and tips.

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Published Feb. 6th 2023

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