Core Keeper: How to Make a Boat

How to get your very own boat to traverse the Sunken Sea with ease in Core Keeper.

Having a Boat makes getting around the new Sunken Sea biome in Core Keeper much easier, as without one you'll have to be placing bridges as you go. If you've gotten to the point where you have access to the Sunken Sea, making yourself a Boat should in theory be a snap.

How to Make a Boat in Core Keeper

You need a special workbench to get your own vessel made, specifically and unsurprisingly named the Boat Workbench. To craft and place a Boat Workbench, you need to first have a Scarlet Workbench as well as a Table Saw.

If you've progressed to the point you're traversing the outer layer, it's likely you already have a Scarlet Workbench ready to go back at base. But if not, you need an Iron Workbench, which requires the following materials for crafting:

  • 10 Tin Bars
  • 15 Iron Bars
  • 25 Scarlet Bars

You will also need a Table Saw to make Planks, which will be required both for the Boat Workbench and the Boat itself. You can craft one using an Electronics Table using some basic materials:

  • 8 Wood
  • 5 Copper Bars
  • 5 Iron Bars

With these stations made and placed, you can start on your Boat Workbench. At the Scarlet Workbench, you'll need the following materials to make the Boat Workbench:

  • 50 Planks
  • 15 Scarlet Bars

You are almost there! The final pivotal step is to make the Boat itself at the workbench. You need the following materials to craft your very own boat:

  • 80 Planks
  • 50 Scarlet Bars
  • 20 Mechanical Parts

The most difficult material to get is the Scarlet Bars, as 50 can be rather hard to get your hands on. Mechanical Parts are found in destructibles throughout just about every biome, but you can also purchase them from the Caveling Merchant once you've activated every statue around the Core.

That's all you need to know about making your own sea (cave?) faring vessel in Core Keeper as of this update. There is another Boat, the Speeder, which requires a hefty amount of materials from the Sunken Sea to craft. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Core Keeper guides.

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Published Jun. 21st 2022

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