How to Find the Tiger in Dead Age 2

Improve your party with the best pet in the game by using our guide to find the Dead Age 2 tiger.

Dead Age 2 adds several new mechanics to the zombie survival formula over the original 2016 game. One of the best additions is the dog and tiger pets that accompany your team during battles.

Many players are wondering how to get the tiger, since it is much stronger than the dog and can do much more than just draw enemy fire. This guide will show you how to find the tiger in Dead Age 2.

How to Find the Tiger in Dead Age 2

The tiger is part of the main Dead Age 2 storyline, specifically "A Tiger for the Arena" main quest. The animal can be found in the Grand Wind Canyon part of the map.

Before getting there, though, you need to complete the following quests:

  • On the Trail of a Traitor
  • Coming Southward
  • Dynamite for the Tunnel
  • Pittance
  • A New Threat in Prison
  • Independent Spy
  • The Missing Friend
  • Buried
  • Valuable Cargo

Once these quests are completed in your main story log, you will be prompted to speak to the smuggler boss Jimmy at the Smuggler HQ. Find the prisoner named Mason and speak to him.

Mason will tell you to talk to Tracy, who can help you find the tiger. After speaking with Tracy, follow these directions to get to the tiger's location:

  1. Go to Subway
  2. Choose US Army HQ Station
  3. Move towards the bridge at the Farmwind Roads
  4. Cross the bridge

Just past the HQ, you can start "A Tiger for the Arena" quest using the marker shown on the map above.

There you will meet a gang leader, who will offer to sell the tiger for $100. Pay for the tiger and the animal is all yours.

That's all you need to know on how to find the tiger in Dead Age 2. For more on Dead Age 2, consider reading our official review of the game right here, where we said while the zombie survival game shines in places, it falters in others.


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Published Mar. 29th 2021

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