Deathloop Delivery Booth Code Guide and All Booth Locations

Wondering what the delivery booth code is so you can access Gideon Fry's distribution kiosks around Blackreef? Here's how to find it.

If you've been exploring Blackreef, you may have noticed that each area in Deathloop has a delivery booth hidden in it. You've probably also heard Gideon Fry talking about them. However, before you can access any of their locations, you need a code to access them. 

There are four Gideon Fry delivery booths in the game, and we've included their locations below, alongside how to get the code to unlock them. You're headed to the bunker in Fristad Rock, and you can only access the bunker at noon when Fia is present.

How to Find Fia's Bunker

A map of Karl's Bay showing the location of Fia's bunker.

Start the level, and exit through the right door. Kill the four Eternalists in the first area (or sneak past them using the Aether slab). Go straight through the area, past the car, van, and mannequins.

Climb up the rocks on the right side, and follow the path right when you see the "Fristad Rock" sign and the bridge below (mind the Eternalist by the van on the bridge). 

The player character holding a nail gun, looking toward a bridge with yellow smoke and a pathway into the rock cliff to the right.

You'll see a tunnel in the rock on the right side; go through that. You'll see a bar below and two Eternalists (one of them is one of the mostly naked characters you have to kill for the Deathday Suit trophy/achievement). Kill them or sneak past. 

Stay on the right side (unless you have Shift, which you can use to get past the deep water on the left side). Climb on the rocks behind the TVs with Colt's face and "Kill" on them. Avoid the deep water on the left, and drop down on the right side. Follow the path straight, and turn left at the truck.

Follow the path, and turn right when you see the "LOOP" letters propped against the rock wall in front of you. Continue forward, and you'll see the coast and the bunker on the right. It's guarded by a handful of Eternalists (there's one in the booth, too!) and a turret. 

Deathloop Delivery Booth Code Location

The player character looking at the entrance to Fia's bunker inside a cliff, with an arrow pointing to the code room.

Enter the bunker, and turn right at the stack of crates in the middle. There's a room with a Delivery Booth and a whiteboard with the code on it. You can break the right window and go inside the room if you need a closer look, though beware of the proximity mine just in front of the booth. 

As with any Deathloop code, this one is unique to your game. Mine (7756) is completely different than yours. The Delivery Booth in the bunker room doesn't work either, so you can't input it in just yet; once you do, however, the code will be readily available on every booth you come across. 

Orders don't cost anything, but once you make one, no matter where you send the item, that kiosk locks for the level you're in. Essentially, you can only use it once per time of day. To get the item you sent, you'll need to exit, moving the time of day forward, and travel to that area and kiosk to pick it up. 

All Delivery Booth Locations in Blackreef

The Complex

The player character holding a shotgun and looking out over a dusty construction yard with crane and other building materials.A map of The complex, showing the location of a delivery booth.

This one is in the northeast section of the map. It's in the construction area behind the crane. In the morning and afternoon, you'll start west of it; exit the tunnels and go left through the bunker. At noon and in the evening, you'll exit the tunnels into the construction zone itself, and it will be in front of you to the right. 


The player character holding a shotgun in Updaam Square with a retro-futurist car, stone buildings, and crates.A map of Updaam, pinpointing the location of a delivery booth.

This Delivery Booth can be found in Updaam Square. Go to the Library and turn around. It's to the left of the building with the "Enjoy Amortality" sign. Another point of reference is that it's to the right of the orange phone booths by the gate. It can be accessed at all times of day from the same direction.

Fristad Rock

The player character looking toward a cliff face with a bright neon sign on the right and concrete barriers in them middle.A map of Firstad Rock showing the location of a Gideon Fry kiosk.

This one is in the very first area, to the right of the van. It's attached to the right side of the building with the "Expand Your Mind" sign on top of it, in front of the brightly lit sign. 

You always start in this location, and it can be found here in the morning, at noon, and in the afternoon. Fristad Rock is not available in the evening. 

Karl's Bay

The player character holding a machete, looking at a high stone rampart in Karl's Bay with plywood palm tree in the middle.A map of Karl's Bay showing where a delivery stall can be found.

This one can be found just in front of the Gardens of Perception. It's to the right of the entrance, across from the Karl's Bay map kiosk. It is available during the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening from the same direction. Karl's Bay is not available at noon. 

And that's all you need to know about how to find the delivery booth code in Deathloop, as well as how to find each kiosk around Blackreef. For more, consider hopping over to our Deathloop guides page for more tips.

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Published Sep. 15th 2021

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