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Here is your guide to the Alchemy Skill Line in Elder Scrolls Online.

Here is your guide to Alchemy for Elder Scrolls Online. I have broken down the basics, the Alchemy Skill Line, ingredients, effects and potions I have discovered so far. I will be updating this guide as I discover more.

Alchemy is a crafting profession which allows the player to create poisons and various potions. Alchemy allows the player to craft multi-effect potions which aren't found in the game. What I love about Alchemy is that I don't have to worry about buying health potions from anyone when I can just make my own without spending any gold.

The basics of potion making is simple--you need a solvent and two ingredients. The solvent is the liquid that you use to mix the potion and can be various types of water found throughout the game. The type of solvent used determines the level of the potion.


  • Natural Water - Makes Level 3 potions
  • Clear Water - Makes Level 10 potions
  • Pristine Water - Makes Level 20 potions
  • Cleansed Water - Makes Level 30 potions
  • Filtered Water - Makes Level 40 potions
  • Purified Water - Makes Veteran-Level potions for VR 1-5 Zones
  • Cloud Mist - Makes Veteran-Level potions for VR 6-10 Zones

Experience in Alchemy is gained by making potions. Making potions with high-level solvents earn you more experience but involve skill point investment. Making new discoveries earn you experience bonus.

Note: Alchemy will require skill point investment in order to make significant potions, so if you're using this profession you'll want to max it out.

Alchemy Skill Line:

  • Solvent Proficiency (1/7) - Use Natural Water for Level 3 potions; the more increased the higher the level of potion
  • Keen Eye: Reagents (1/3) - Reagents are easier to see when your 20 meters or closer (I recommend adding a point even if you don't use this skill just so flowers are easier to spot)
  • Medicinal Use (1/3) - Potion effects last 10% longer; the more increased the longer the effect lasts
  • Chemistry (1/3) - Produces 1 extra potion per craft attempt
  • Laboratory Use - Allows use of 3 Reagents while mixing potions
  • Snakeblood (1/3) - Reduces negative effects in potions by 50%

Ingredients and Effects:

  • Blessed Thistle - Restore Stamina, Ravage Health, Increase Weapon Potency, Speed
  • Blue Entoloma - Ravage Magicka, Restore Health, Invisibility, Lower Spell Power
  • Bugloss - Increased Spell Resist, Lower Spell Power, Restore Health, Restore Magicka
  • Columbine - Restore Health, Restore Stamina, Restore Magicka, Unstoppable
  • Cornflower - Restore Magicka, Ravage Health, Increase Spell Power, Detection
  • Dragonthorn - Increase Weapon Potency, Lower Armor, Restore Stamina, Weapon Crit
  • Emetic Russula - Ravage Health, Ravage Stamina, Ravage Magicka, Stun
  • Imp Stool - Lower Weapon Power, Increase Armor, Ravage Stamina, Lower Weapon Crit
  • Lady's Smock - Increase Spell Power, Lower Spell Resist, Restore Magicka, Spell Crit
  • Luminous Russula - Ravage Stamina, Restore Health, Lower Weapon Power, Reduce Speed
  • Mountain Flower - Increase Armor, Lower Weapon Power, Restore Health, Restore Stamina
  • Namira's Root - Spell Crit, Invisibility, Speed, Unstoppable
  • Ninroot - Ravage Health, Lower Weapon Crit, Lower Spell Crit, Invisibility
  • Stinkhorn - Lower Armor, Increase Weapon Potency, Ravage Health, Ravage Stamina
  • Violet Coprinus - Lower Spell Resist, Increase Spell Power, Ravage Health, Ravage Magicka
  • Water Hyacinth - Restore Health, Weapon Crit, Spell Crit, Stun
  • Whitecap - Lower Spell Power, Ravage Magicka, Increase Spell Resist, Lower Spell Crit
  • Wormwood - Weapon Crit, Reduce Speed, Detection, Unstoppable

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  • Bugloss/Columbine - Restores Health & Magicka
  • Bugloss/Columbine/Mountain Flower - Restores Health, Magicka & Stamina
  • Namira's Rot/ Blue Entoloma/Blessed Thistle - Invisibility and Fast Speed
  • Namira's Rot/Ninroot - Speed & Invisibility
  • Emetic Russula/Stinkhorn - Drains Health & Stamina
  • Emetic Russula/Violet Coprinus - Drains Health & Magicka
  • Emetic Russula/Stinkhorn/Dragonthorn - Drains Health, Stamina & Armor
  • Emetic Russula/Stinkhorn/Violet Coprinus - Drains Health, Stamina & Magicka
  • Stinkhorn/Water Hyacinth - Drains Health & Stamina with a Stun effect
  • Violet Coprinus/Water Hyacinth - Drains Health & Magicka with a Stun effect
  • Lady's Smock/Cornflower - Restore Magicka & Increase Spell Power
  • Lady's Smock/Cornflower/Water Hyacinth - Restore Magicka, Increase Spell Power & Spell Crit
  • Lady's Smock/Cornflower/Wormwood - Restore Magicka, Increase Spell Power & Detection
  • Dragonthorn/Blessed Thistle - Increase weapon Potency, Stamina Regeneration
  • Dragonthorn/Blessed Thistle/Water Hyacinth - Increase Weapon Potency, Stamina Regeneration & Weapon Crit
  • Columbine/Mountain Flower - Restore Health, Stamina & increase Armor

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