Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Bunuelos

Disney Dreamlight Valley brought Mirabel to the Valley, and with her, a new recipe. Here is how to make Bunuelos.

Disney Dreamlight Valley brought Encanto’s Mirabel to the Valley in the Festival of Friendship update, and with her, a tasty new recipe to learn: Bunuelos.

The Bunuelos recipe is based on the traditional Mexican deep-fried tasty fritters, and you will need to know how to make it to complete Mirabel’s A Taste Of Home quest, which becomes available at friendship level 4. The questline provides you with all but one secret component, but don’t worry, we have discovered the mystery ingredient for you below.

How to Make Bunuelos In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The Bunuelos is a four-star recipe that has easily available ingredients as long as you have brought Remy to the Valley. You will need to unlock Remy’s restaurant Chez Remy to complete the recipe (3,000 Dreamlight & 2,000 Star Coins). 

Bunuelos Recipe

  • 1 Milk
    • Obtainable at Chez Remy for 230 Star Coins
  • 1 Eggs
    • Obtainable at Chez Remy for 220 Star Coins
  • 1 Cheese
    • Obtainable at Chez Remy for 180 Star Coins
  • 1 Wheat
    • Obtainable at Goofy’s Peaceful Meadow Stall.
    • Seeds 1 Star Coins.
    • Fully Grown 3 Star Coins.

Simply combine all of the gathered ingredients at a cooking station to cook up the Bunuelos, though it makes sense to do so in Chez Remy since you have to purchase the bulk of the ingredients there.

The Bunuelos sells for 948 Star Coins, making it about a 317 Star Coin profit depending on how you acquire your Wheat. The recipe also provides 1,881 energy, which is in the low range for a four-star recipe. 

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You will need to prepare four Bunuelos total for the A Taste Of Home quest specifically, but the recipe remains available after the completion of the quest. We can’t wait to see what recipes future characters bring, so stay tuned with us with our Disney Dreamlight valley guides

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Published Mar. 14th 2023

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