Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest Solutions and Locations

To complete the recently-added Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quests, you'll have to find their locations first. Here's where to go.

Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quests aren't as easy as their Unencrypted counterparts. They're found in specific locations and have specific solutions, both of which you'll need to know if you want to get their rewards. There are currently four quests to complete. 

As the end of Chapter 4: Season 1 approaches, Fortnite will be adding more of these quests until March 8, 2023. We've also made a guide for the Unencrypted Cipher Quests if you're looking for those.

All Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quests

Stage One Encrypted Cipher Quest

  • Location: Anvil Square.

For this one, go to Anvil Square and head to the garage in the east. Look for a misplaced locker; destroy it and head into the revealed basement. Go to the table in the basement and interact with the item on it to complete the first Encrypted Cipher stage. 

Stage Two Encrypted Cipher Quest

  • Location: Faulty Splits.

Stage Two is actually a bit simpler. This Encrypted Cipher Quest brings you to Faulty Splits and the bowling alley. Go inside, and put a spray on the floor of the bowling alley. 

Stage Three Encrypted Cipher Quest

  • Location: Lonley Labs.

Moving on to Encrypted Cipher Stage 3, head over to the Lonely Labs and check the shipping containers around the mounds of snow. Inside one of these containers, you’ll find a set of stairs that lead to a basement. Interact with the computers you find below.

Stage Four Encrypted Cipher Quest

  • Location: Shattered Slabs.

For Encrypted Cipher Stage 4, go to Shattered Slabs. Go to the northwestern area where there are straight slabs of stone. Look around for a spot in the ground that has an orange hue, then dig with your pickaxe to reveal an arcade machine, thus completing Encrypted Cipher Stage 4.

Those are the Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest solutions and locations for now. Remember: these quests continue until March 8, 2023, and there will be more added, so keep checking back for updates on the rest of the quests that come along. For more Fortnite tips, check out our guides page.

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Published Mar. 2nd 2023

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