Hay Day Guide: How to Collect Puzzle Pieces for Wildlife Sanctuary Animals

You need 36 puzzle pieces per animal, here's how you find them!

Hay Day's latest update, which includes the Wildlife Sanctuary, adds even more animals to your menagerie. But there's a catch: You have to collect their puzzle pieces to unlock them.

Unlike the other animals you tend to in Hay Day, those in the Wildlife Sanctuary are wild animals and cannot be bought. The hunt is on for puzzle pieces, but they are certainly hard to find. They aren't given out often and you can only get them in certain ways...which we'll go over soon enough.

But first let's go over which animals you can get in this latest update and why you want them. 36 puzzle pieces is a lot to collect for just one animal -- but for completionists and anyone looking for extra EXP, they are worth it.

Unlockable Wildlife Sanctuary Animals in Hay Day

There are only three unique types of animals available for the Wildlife Sanctuary at the time of writing, all three of which come with two color variations. And each one also unlocks two decorations to spruce things up a bit.

Each animal needs a particular housing to be present in the Sanctuary. Hippos need the Hippo House, elephants need the Elephant House, and giraffes need the Giraffe House.

What do you get after you've gone through all the trouble to collect their puzzle pieces and build their homes? 25 EXP each every 10 hours, provided you check on them. That's not too shabby!

Brown Elephant
Unlocks Dry Logs and Tall Grass


Gray Elephant
Unlocks Baobab Trees and Termite Mounds


Brown Hippopotamus
Unlocks Rock Ponds and Short Bushes


Gray Hippopotamus
Unlocks Aloe Plants and Palm Trees


Beige Giraffe
Unlocks Lala Palms and Rock Formations


Yellow Giraffe
Unlocks Acacia Trees and Ice Plants

How to Get Puzzle Pieces in Hay Day

There are more ways to get puzzle pieces than you might expect! They're definitely hard to come by, as the game seems to be exceedingly stingy with them -- but if you keep busy, you're bound to start racking them up.

As a note, you do have to open the Sanctuary before you can start collecting puzzle pieces. You must have land touching the Sanctuary and you need to repair the book stand next to it to open it up. It costs 10,000 coins and 4 hours to repair the book stand.

Once you've opened your Sanctuary, here's how you get puzzle pieces to populated it with animals. 

Derby Rewards

Occasionally puzzle pieces come up as derby rewards. If you haven't gotten involved in your neighborhood derby, it's about time. They can also be obtained by solo players at the derby.

Red Tool Boxes

These pop up around your farm from time to time, sometimes locked and sometimes unlocked. Either can have puzzle pieces. If you're set on getting the new Wildlife Sanctuary animals, you should be opening these when you have the chance.

Treasure Chests

These appear in the town lake every so often and sometimes require 5 diamonds to open. They do contain puzzle pieces on occasion, so keep an eye out.

Boat Rewards

As if you really needed more reasons to do boat shipments, now there's a chance of getting puzzle pieces as a reward. It's hard work, but it's worth it if you're trying to collect wild animals. Do note you can only get them from fulfilling your own boats' requests and not another player's.

Wheel of Fortune 

As with every other item on the wheel, getting a puzzle piece here is a game of chance. But that's not so different from the other ways you get puzzle pieces, either.

There are some players claiming puzzle pieces can also be obtained via level thresholds now, but I can't back that up -- it's something to keep in mind, though.

The basic gist of gaining puzzle pieces seems to be "play the game normally, but also spend diamonds on chests sometimes". It's not easy to get them and it takes time to get a whole animal's 36 puzzle pieces, but it's the easy EXP from the animals in the long run that makes it worth the effort.

That wraps up this guide! If you need more help with the game, check out the rest of our Hay Day guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Jun. 29th 2017

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