How to Use Coupons in Crossout

Wondering what to do with that pile of coupons you have lying around in Crossout? We've put together a comprehensive guide detailing the many things you can get for those Coupons!

Coupons are your reward for completing raids in Crossout, which are the game's various PvP modes. You receive different amounts of coupons depending on the mode and difficulty setting -- ranging from 3 to 20 -- and you can participate in two raids per day.

With all those Coupons stacking up, you may be wondering what you're supposed to do with them all. If you want to know where and how to use your Coupons in Crossout, this guide will lay out all your options and which ones will give you the most bang for your buck!

Spending Coupons on Loot Containers

The most immediate thing you'll be able to do with your Coupons is build Loot Containers. These cost 300 Coupons and give you a random item. Items from Loot Containers have a high chance of being rare (blue) and a low chance of being epic (purple).

Of course, you could always sell your containers, but you'll be missing out on the chance for something particularly nice for your wasteland buggy if you do.

Spending Coupons on Hardware

In addition to the Loot Containers above, you can also use your Crossout Coupons on building hardware. These items provide a wide range of benefits for your vehicle -- from extra energy to better firing rates -- along with helping you gather fuel after winning in battles. 

Hardware can be broken down into a few categories: modules, generators, boosters, engines, radar, radiators/ammo storage, and drones/turrets.


Fuel Tank (Rare): Allows you to collect fuel from defeated foes in PvP battles. Careful, though -- it explodes upon destruction.


  • Power: 80
  • Structure: 36
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 36

Chameleon (Rare): Makes you temporarily invisible.


  • Power: 160
  • Structure: 68
  • Energy: -2
  • Mass: 2

Chameleon Mk2 (Epic): This upgraded chameleon module makes you invisible for longer.


  • Power: 190
  • Structure: 184
  • Energy: -2
  • Mass: 135

These add-ons provide an energy boost for your vehicle, but they explode when destroyed as well.

Hazardous Generator (Rare)


  • Power: 360
  • Structure: 25
  • Energy: +2
  • Mass: 243

Gas Generator (Epic): Gives extra energy, but also deals 1,500 damage points upon exploding.

  • Power: 410
  • Structure: 34
  • Energy: +3
  • Mass: 324

Boosters, as you might guess from the name, give you a short boost of power.

Rocket Booster (Rare): Gives you a short burst of acceleration.rocket-booster-47ff7.png

  • Power: 65
  • Structure: 48
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 108

Hermes Booster (Epic): More powerful than the Rocket Booster, this booster can even propel a vehicle upwards.


  • Power: 190
  • Structure: 121
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 108

You guessed it -- the engine powers your vehicle.

Engine (Rare): Your basic engine. It adds 2,000kg and offers average speed and acceleration.


  • Power: 185
  • Structure: 142
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 144

Powerful Engine (Rare): A step up from the basic one engine with 4,000kg and excellent acceleration, but poor top speed.


  • Power: 185
  • Structure: 181
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 384

Improved Engine (Epic): Gives you good acceleration and above average top speed, along with 1,000kg.


  • Power: 235
  • Structure: 198
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 88

Aircraft Engine (Epic): This 3,000kg engine increases your module reload speed by 20%.


  • Power: 470
  • Structure: 269
  • Energy: -2
  • Mass: 240

Radars help you locate foes, and the better the radar, the further away you can detect your enemies.

Radar-Detector (Rare): This radar's field of detection extends 300 meters, while its cover penetration is 250 meters, and the transmission distance is 300 meters.


  • Power: 165
  • Structure: 283
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 648

Powerful Radar Locator (Epic): Much more powerful radar, with a detection distance of 450 meters and cover penetration and transmission range of 400 meters each.

  • powerful-radar-locator-205d8.pngPower: 220
  • Structure: 431
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 864
Radiators and Ammo Storage

These pieces of hardware improve your firing rate and allow you to carry extra ammunition.

Weapon Cooler (Rare): This cooler's special feature is improving your weapon cooldown rate by 100%.


  • Power: 270
  • Structure: 63
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 144

Improved Cooler (Epic): This harder-to-find cooler provides an expanded 150% cooldown rate.


  • Power: 385
  • Structure: 100
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 216

Ammo Pack (Rare): Gives you an extra 30% of storage and deals 500 damage points over 5 meters when destroyed.


  • Power: 95
  • Structure: 95
  • Energy: N/A
  • Mass: 96

Expanded Ammo Pack (Epic): Allows an extra 90% of storage and dishes out 900 damage points over 10 meters when destroyed.


  • Power: 200
  • Structure: 323
  • Energy: N/A
  • Mass: 288
Drones and Turrets

These add-ons do the fighting for you.

Attack Drone (Rare): A drone that carries a basic machine gun.


  • Power: 540
  • Structure: 126
  • Energy: -3
  • Mass: 288

Missile Turret (Epic): Selecting this one will build a combat turret for you.


  • Power: 895
  • Structure: 287
  • Energy: -3
  • Mass: 576

Spending Coupons on Weapons

However much you build up your vehicle, weapons are what truly make the difference between survival and defeat in the wasteland. So investing your coupons here is also a good idea if there aren't any hardware upgrades that you absolutely must have.

Melee Weapons

Augur (Rare): As you might expect from the look of it, this weapon causes damage on contact.


  • Power: 185
  • Structure: 162
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 216

Explosive Spear (Rare): In addition to making damage on contact, this weapon causes blast damage as well.


  •  Power: 185
  • Structure: 20
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 45

Lancelot (Epic): For every 300 meters you travel with this spear, your next hit's power increases by 30%, stackable up to three times. Like the Explosive Spear, the Lancelot causes blast damage and damage on impact.


  • Power: 253
  • Structure: 63
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 144

Druzhba 2 (Epic): This saw deals additional damage while in contact with the enemy, and upon victory, deals an extra 20% damage for weapons with the same name for 15 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times as well.


  • Power: 235
  • Structure: 153
  • Energy: -1
  • Mass: 54
Grenade Launchers

These powerful and rare weapons deal heavy explosive damage.

GL-55 Impulse (Epic): This launcher is difficult to use, but rewarding. Every 10th shot has a 75% chance of stopping enemy weapon rotation.


  • Power: 1175
  • Structure: 113
  • Energy: -5
  • Mass: 198
Machine Guns

True to form, these are fast weapons that deal heavy bullet damage.

MM5-4 Vector (Rare): This rarer machine gun improves on the standard ones in almost all ways.


  • Power: 555
  • Structure: 74
  • Energy: -3
  • Mass: 171

Caucasus (Epic): The Caucasus machine gun automatically attacks enemies that draw near your vehicle.


  • Power: 940
  • Structure: 492
  • Energy: -4
  • Mass: 864

Don't let their name fool you. These guns still drain your energy, but they also become more powerful the longer you use them.

MG13 Equalizer (Epic): The Equalizer comes equipped with the maximum fire rate and overheating threshold. The longer it fires, the higher the damage count will be: after just 7 seconds of uninterrupted firing, the damage count increases by 100%.


  • Power: 705
  • Structure: 123
  • Energy: -3
  • Mass: 216

The ultimate close-range gun, shotguns deal heavy damage and add to your overall structure.

Sledgehammer (Rare)


  • Power: 555
  • Structure: 87
  • Energy: -3
  • Mass: 54

Thunderbolt (Epic): For every 40 meters your vehicle travels, the Thunderbolt's firepower increases by 25%, and this bonus stacks up to 4 times.


  • Power: 940
  • Structure: 154
  • Energy: -4
  • Mass: 90

As in real life, canons deal heavy blast damage, and they also take a toll on your vehicle's weight.

Judge 76mm (Rare): This canon's firing angle is rather limited, but the damage it deals is worth the trouble.


  • Power: 925
  • Structure: 320
  • Energy: -5
  • Mass: 585

Executioner 88m (Epic): The Executioner fires armor piercing projectiles that explode after dealing 80 points of armor damage.


  • Power: 1175
  • Structure: 443
  • Energy: -5
  • Mass: 864
Turreted Canons

Turreted canons deal heavy damage like their regular counterparts, but possess superior range and firing capabilities.

Little Boy, 6LB (Rare): The Little Boy canon fires precise shots in any direction.


  • Power: 1110
  • Structure: 413
  • Energy: -6
  • Mass: 837

ZA-34 Fatman (Epic): Like the Little Boy, Fatman can also fire precise shots in any direction--but it's much stronger.


  • Power: 1410
  • Structure: 692
  • Energy: -6
  • Mass: 1215
Unguided Rockets

These weapons are more difficult to use than others -- but when used effectively, they can be devastating.

AT Wasp (Rare): The Wasp is a fairly basic rocket launcher, firing two missiles with each volley.


  • Power: 740
  • Structure: 48
  • Energy: -4
  • Mass: 90

Cricket 1M (Epic): Damage increases the farther away you are from your target, up an extra 100% per 100 meters.


  • Power: 1175
  • Structure: 164
  • Energy: -5
  • Mass: 288

Spending Coupons on Cabins

This is where you live in your vehicle. If it goes, nothing can save your vehicle.

Wyvern Cabin (Rare): The Wyvern Cabin provides excellent top speed and very good acceleration. It has a 9,000kg mass limit and 4500kg tonnage.

  • wyvern-c92ce.pngPower: 500
  • Structure: 150
  • Energy: +10
  • Mass: 710

Truck Cabin (Rare): The Truck Cabin might not offer the speed boosts of the Wyvern, but with a mass limit of 20,000 and 10,000kg tonnage, it's not one to ignore.


  • Power: 500
  • Structure: 300
  • Energy: +11
  • Mass: 3530

Spending Coupons on Wheels

Wheels are absolutely necessary, of course, but don't forget that you need your steering wheels as well as your regular ones.

Studded Wheels (Rare): Give you +500kg tonnage.


  • Power: 50
  • Structure: 90
  • Energy: N/A
  • Mass: 50

Wheels with Chains ST (Rare): Gives you +900kg tonnage. 


  • Power: 53
  • Structure: 100
  • Energy: N/A
  • Mass: 300

Hardened Track (Rare): Gives you +2,000 tonnage.


  • Power: 160
  • Structure: 336
  • Energy: N/A
  • Mass: 800

Spending Coupons on Decor

In addition to vital items like weapons or cabins, Loot Containers may give you a piece of decor as well. These are more than just nice pieces to customize your vehicle, though. They also add enhancements to your reputation -- in other words, the experience you gain in battle.

Brake Light (Rare)


  • Reputation: 2%
  • Power: 11
  • Structure: 2
  • Mass: 2

Exhaust 2


  • Reputation: 2%
  • Power: 11
  • Structure: 2
  • Mass: 2

Run You Fools


  • Reputation: 2%
  • Power: 11
  • Structure: 2
  • Mass: 2

Tail Light


  • Reputation: 2%
  • Power: 12
  • Structure: 3
  • Mass: 3

Spare Tire


  • Reputation: 2%
  • Power: 19
  • Structure: 17
  • Mass: 14


Tempting as it may be to use those Crossout coupons to cash in on your Loot Containers, it's worth taking a moment to see whether there is anything you need or want for your vehicle. With the right planning and a little bit of luck, you'll soon have the ultimate force in the wasteland at your fingertips!

Stay tuned for more Crossout guides here at GameSkinny for all the tips and tricks you'll need to survive in this game!

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Published Sep. 15th 2017

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