Pathologic 2: How to Save (And All Save Locations)

Keeping true to its old-school (and devastatingly hard) roots, Pathologic 2 features no auto save, and must be saved manually at specific clocks found around town.

There's more to overcome than just hunger, exhaustion, and disease in Pathologic 2, as the game actively works against you in a variety of ways. Most notably, the game only auto saves during the insane fever dream of an intro. It's probably in case people jettison early but then later decide maybe they are willing to go a little further down this bizarre rabbit hole.

After that point, there are no more auto saves. You have to manually save your game during the 12-day rush to stop the plague but you can't do it from the menu like in any other modern title!

Pathologic 2 sticks to its roots and wants to make this experience as difficult as possible. In keeping with the limited-time theme, while playing as the Haruspex, you can only save your game at a limited number of standing wooden clocks found in specific buildings.

Pathologic 2 Save Clock Locations

 Clock locations for saving your game during the 12 day plague battle

This old-school save design is made more difficult by the fact that many of these buildings aren't accessible at all times or on every day. Quite a few of them can't be entered until after completing the first day or going through various quests, and some of them actually get closed off on later days as the plague progresses.

Be sure to keep note of where to find them, because you don't want to lose a whole day's progress before shutting down! All the save clock locations are marked with yellow stars in the map above, while the table below lists the specific names of the buildings to look for in each district.

Note that in some cases, there are multiple clocks in what appears to be a single building, but they can only be reached by entering that building from different sides, like with the Olgimsky's mansion called The Lump.

 The ticking clock of time moving ever forward is quite literal in this game

During the first day, your best bet to save your game is to head into the Warehouse section at the southern end of the city and enter the area where Bad Grief holds up shop, or head up to the north side and enter The Shelter where Lara Ravel lives. 

Because of your quest to find allies among your old friends, both of those locations will be open and available to you and are clearly marked on your map.

If you've talked to the kid gangs and found their lair, the Soul And A Half Fortress is another great place to save because you aren't likely to get mugged and you can trade for items with the kids in the warehouse.

Building Location District
 The Shelter
(Lara's Mansion)
 The Flank
 The Crucible
(eastern building belonging to Victor Kain)
 The Bridge Square
 The Crucible
(northern building belonging to Maria)
 The Bridge Square
The Still Water  The Bridge Square
 Town Hall
(on the second day)
 The Backbone
The Lump
(main entrance) 
The Gut 
 Capella's Wing
(side entrance of The Lump to meet V.O.'s daughter)
The Gut
 Rubin's Apartment 
(take the door behind his desk that can't be seen without a lamp)
 The Hindquarters
 The Trammel  The Chine
 The Broken Heart
(bar where you can buy/sell herbs)
 The Factory
 Haruspex's Lair
(factory building unlocked after gaining key to your house)
 The Factory
 Aspity's Hospice 
(north of cemetery and not accessible until completing the funeral)
The Crude Sprawl
 Bad Grief's Nest Warehouses
 Soul And A Half Fortress Warehouses


Have you found any other save clock locations that we missed, or are you having trouble getting into any of these buildings? Drop us a note in the comments below and we'll help you figure out who to talk to or what quest to complete to access the area on any given day!

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Published May. 24th 2019

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