SimCity 5 Infinite Money City Walkthrough

Make easy infinite money in SimCity 5 using the tips in this SimCity money city walkthrough.

Here is a walkthrough from HalbyStarcraft on YouTube for how to make steady money in SimCity 5. Essentially this is an easy SimCity 5 infinite money cheat, but it uses core mechanics to simply create a city that produces somewhere around 20k/hour in money with very little effort. After you have this city setup you can just let it run.


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Published Apr. 4th 2013
  • Sam _3550
    It didn't work??? Can someone hack for me I'll reply tomorrow
    Thanks bye 😄
  • yea_4933
    Or just use ctr+alt+w to add 5000/hr income and activate it 4 times to get 20000/hr income
  • What_9600
    That was a complete waste of time.
  • DawnPHenry
    Hi I just wanna share something to you guys..
    I am using a great tool, as of now it is still
    working perfect.. you can download the full file
    for free here http://
  • Topper_8576
    Loved the video. I've taken a break from the game and looking to get back into it this weekend. I'll definitely be using this strategy for banking some simoleans.

    P.S. Loved the singing!

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