Perception: Unlocking All Achievements

We show you achievement hunters how to get every single trophy to pop in this unique survival horror entry!

Exploration horror game Perception offers up a very unique twist on the genre, putting you in the role of blind woman Cassi on a search for answers in the sinister Echo Bluff.

There's plenty of video game standards still on display however, like a series of achievements to hunt after! Most of these achievements can't be missed, and will pop just by exploring Echo Bluff and completing the main game objectives. 

But there are a small number of achievements that require some serious effort to collect. Below, we're going to go over each one and how to get it!

How to Get All Perception Achievements


Find Nanci Chang's takeout menu. This one is easy to miss. In the first chapter near the beginning of the game, you have to go back into the main foyer with the fireplace and the anniversary card on the ground. Head over to the right of the fireplace and snap a picture of the object on the desk. Cassi's text-to-speech program will reveal it's a Chinese takeout menu.


Use the telescope. In Chapter 1 after the bubble room, head up to the second floor beyond a room with a file you can grab to find the telescope.


Meet the best damn bartender. This occurs during the course of the game automatically.


What we do in life... This occurs during the course of the game automatically in the second chapter.

Like It's Hot 1

Found 2 poppets in Chapter 1. Simply be on the lookout for the dolls with gun arms for this and all subsequent "Like It's Hot" achievements. So long as you are exploring each room without drawing the attention of The Presence, these are easy to discover -- and are frequently at eye level on top of chests, drawers, and desks.

Like It's Hot 2

Found 2 Poppets in Chapter 2.


Like It's Hot 3

Found 2 Poppets in Chapter 3.


Like It's Hot 4

Found 2 Poppets in Chapter 4.


The Doll Collector

Found every Poppet in the entire game.

   Poppet On A Shelf

I Hear Things Out Here

Found out what happened to the animals. This occurs automatically during the course of the game

Briar Memento

Found all touch stones in Chapter 1. Like with the Poppets, these are hard to miss. Just be sure to explore each are thoroughly in between escaping the Presence, and you should come across all of them.

Van Hout Memento

Found all touch stones in Chapter 2.

Bosch Memento

Found all touch stones in Chapter 3.

Durham Memento

Found all touch stones in Chapter 4.


Found every touch stone in the entire game.

Master of…

Got the key from the good doctor. This will occur automatically during the course of exploring Echo Bluff.

Behind You…

Turn around... This will occur automatically during a segment when you meet The Presence.

Giddy Socialite

Found Kirby. This will occur automatically during the normal course of the game.


Completed Chapter 1 of Perception.


Completed Chapter 2 of Perception.


Completed Chapter 3 of Perception.


Completed Chapter 4 of Perception.


Completed every chapter of the game and reached the ending.

Tickled Pink

Listened to every Dearest Pinky song. As with the Poppets and touch stones, just be on the lookout for every object you can interact with in the game to trigger memories or start music playing.


Found 5 backer letters. As long as you are looking at the desks, dressers, and floors, finding the letters written by Kickstarter backers is incredibly easy.


Found the backer recording. This is just like initiating any of the tape recordings, but this one is found in Chapter 3.


Listened to all of Cassie's messages. As long as you are listening to each recording, this achievement will pop automatically.

Still Doing This

Is it going to get old? This story achievement occurs as you travel through different time periods of Echo Bluff.


Get every other achievement in the game. This final achievement is only made difficult by Overlooked and and Quiet Knoll (see below).

For Susannah

Found Susanna's Sanctum. This occurs automatically in Chapter 4.


Never captured by The Presence. This is one of only two difficult achievements in the game, and they are intertwined. So long as you aren't tapping, you will very rarely capture the attention of The Presence. There are a few locations where The Presence will try to capture you based off other sounds or triggers though, such as if you don't crouch when coming down the stairs in Chapter 2.

Quiet Knoll

Completed the game without tapping. The only other difficult achievement in Perception, this one requires that you never use your cane after the tutorial segment that makes you tap at the very beginning. You will basically be stumbling around in the dark for four or five hours. Have fun!

Have any Perception tips and strategies for avoiding The Presence or completing the game without tapping your cane? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Jun. 8th 2017

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