The Outer Worlds: Mods for Weapons and Armor Guide

Everything you need to know about modding your weapons and armor in The Outer Worlds in one place.

Mods are one of the most effective ways to quickly increase your power level in The Outer Worlds. These little add-ons attach to your weapons and armor, and they can increase various stats or completely change the properties of your equipment.

You can find mods as regular loot drops while exploring the world, or you can purchase them at vending machines or from various shops throughout your adventure. Here are the basics on how to install them and what the various mods you'll find in The Outer Worlds can do.

The Outer Worlds: Mod Basics

There are a few different types of mods in The Outer Worlds, and they aren't all universal. There are mods that attach to ranged weapons, mods that attach to melee weapons, and mods that attach to armor. Even then, there are various mod subcategories.

Ranged weapons have three types of mods:

  1. Magazines
  2. Sights
  3. Barrels

Most weapons will have a few different slots to attach mods. However, they won't always be able to equip each type. Some weapons won't have a place for a sight mod, for example, while others might not have a slot for a magazine mod. 

Melee weapons have two types of mods:

  1. Attack
  2. Grip

Armor has a few different types as well:

  1. Armoring
  2. Gadget
  3. Skill kit
  4. Utility

As with guns, not every melee weapon or armor piece can use every type of mod. Some will work on certain weapons and armor pieces, while some won't. 

The Outer Worlds: How do I Install Mods?

To install mods to your weapons and armor, you'll need to find a workbench. There are plenty of these all over the various locations you'll explore in The Outer Worlds.

There's always one on board your ship, The Unreliable. It's in the cargo bay. Just turn left as soon as you enter the ship, and it is on the left-hand wall, across from Parvati. 

Once you've found a workbench, interact with it and move to the Modify section. You will then be able to choose the piece of equipment you would like to modify, followed by the mods that can be fitted to it.

Remember, not every weapon can use every mod. It isn't a glitch in the game if you don't see some of the things in your inventory!

One last thing before we get to specific mods: once you've installed a mod, it's semi-permanent. You can always install another mod, but you'll lose whatever mod it replaces. Make sure you're adding the right mod to the right equipment, or you'll be wasting inventory!

Ranged Weapon Mods

Barrel Mods

Name Effect
FunTimes Barrel Critical damage +25%
SpeedyMate Barrel Rate of Fire +15%
Sure N' Straight Weapon spread -25% 
weapon sway -80%
Whisper Quiet Muzzler Firing noise -66.6%

Magazine Mods

Name Effect
Mag-2-Melt Changes damage type to corrosion
Mag-2-Power Changes damage type to plasma
Mag-2-Ray Changes damage type to N-ray
Damage -50%
Mag-2-Zap Changes damage type to shock
Mag-Num Magazine size +50%

Sight Mods

Name Effect
Exact-O-Sight Post Armor damage dealt +15%
Extend-O-Sight Weapon range +25%
Gyro Sight Weapon spread -20%
Super Scoper 2000 Changes scope to 6x zoom scope

Melee Weapon Mods

Attack Mods

Name Effect
Mr. Acid Changes damage type to corrosion
Mr. N Changes damage type to N-ray
Mr. Ouch Power attack damage +20%
Mr. Power  Changes damage type to plasma
Mr. Zap Changes damage type to shock

Grip Mods

Name Effect
SpeedGrip Weapon attack speed +15%
SureGrip Weapon durability +25%

Armor Mods

Armoring Mods

Name Effect
Anodized Corrosion armor rating +5
Grounded Shock armor rating +10
Insulated Plasma armor rating +5
Laminated N-ray armor rating +5
Toughened Physical armor rating +3

Gadget Mods

Name Effect
Chrono-Field Aggregator Restores a portion of your Tactical Time
Dilation meter when you land a critical hit
Electro-Charged Surface Shocks enemies who attack you in melee range
Reactive Kinematic Grants you a shield boost and increased health regeneration when your health drops too low
Skeletar-Muscular-Adreno-Stimulator Increases your movement speed
while using Tactical Time Dilation

Skill Kit Mods

Name Effect
Hunter Kit Ranged weapons skill +5
Silver Tongue Kit Dialog skill +5
Leadership skill +10
Tech Kit Tech skills +5
Thug Kit Melee weapon skill +5
Defense skill +10

Utility Mods

Name Effect
Backpack Carrying capacity +20kg
Geographic Scanner Highlight range for interactables +5m
Leaper Injectors Dodge distance +30%
Nightingale Step  Footsteps volume -25%
footstep radius sound -25%

That's all there is to modding your equipment in The Outer Worlds. Go find a workbench and get to it!

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Published Nov. 20th 2019

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