Dokkan Battle: How to Get Potara Medals for UR/LR Vegito

Every player who's been at Dokkan Battle for a while should be trying to get Potara Medals toward LR Super Saiyan God SS Vegito.

No one can blame you for wanting some sweet, sweet Vegito in your Dokkan Battle lineup; the grind is worth it. Vegito's UR and LR are kind of insane and fit amazingly on any team needing some STR in its ranks.

You need Potara Medals in order to Dokkan Awaken Determined Fusion Vegito up to UR Engraved Strength Vegito and later LR Super Saiyan God SS Vegito. As you might expect, the climb to both LR and UR Vegito is a long one! But it's well-worth the effort, whether you're a fan of the fusion or just want a viable Super STR.

Considering the strength of UR and LR Vegito, it's no surprise Potara Medals are a pain to get; and, in fact, grinding them out is a task best left to near or at-endgame players.

There are only two ways to get Potara Medals in Dokkan Battle:

  1. Limited Baba's Treasures shops
  2. Select Supreme Kai's Trials

If it's your lucky day and there are Potara Medals in Baba's Treasures, 10 Potara Medals will cost you 70 Incredible Gems. A small price compared to some of Baba's other offerings, but still an investment.

Supreme Kai's Trials starting in Area 10 will star offering Potara Medals as rewards, provided you clear the stages with their conditions. You should be able to find the Supreme Kai Trials button at the bottom of the screen of the Missions tab.

The wonderful Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle wiki has a full list of stages you can clear this way for Potara Medals, which I highly recommend if you're just starting your grind towards these. However, let's go over how many you can obtain in each area so you have some sort of idea of how many you're going to get:

  • Area 10: 4 Potara Medals
  • Area 11: 4 Potara Medals
  • Area 12: 4 Potara Medals
  • Area 13: 4 Potara Medals
  • Area 14: 4 Potara Medals
  • Area 15: 1 Potara Medal
  • Area 16: 6 Potara Medals
  • Area 17: 6 Potara Medals
  • Area 18: 6 Potara Medals
  • Area 19: 6 Potara Medals
  • Area 20: 6 Potara Medals
  • Area 21: 1 Potara Medal
  • Area 22: 9 Potara Medals
  • Area 23: 9 Potara Medals
  • Area 24: 9 Potara Medals
  • Area 25: 9 Potara Medals
  • Area 26: 9 Potara Medals
  • Area 27: 3 Potara Medals

This makes for a total of 100 Potara Medals, which happens to be the exact amount you need.

Getting SSR Determined Fusion Vegito up to UR Engraved Strength Vegito requires 30 Potara Medals.

Getting UR Engraved Strength Vegito up to LR Super Saiyan God SS Vegito requires 70 Potara Medals.

Buying the medals from Baba's Treasures will significantly cut down on your grinding time to get these, but if you're a hardcore Dokkan fan, then the effort is more than worth it.

Good luck with your grinding! Don't mind me as I cha-la head cha-la my way out of here.

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Published Jul. 16th 2019

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