Gang Beasts: What to Do if Disconnected from Server

Gang Beasts is exploding on Game Pass, but it's not without its growing pains. Here's where to look if you keep disconnecting.

The recent surge of Gang Beasts players has breathed fresh life into the multiplayer brawler, but those new and old to the game alike are both running into the same problem: frequently disconnecting from the server.

Like a game launched anew, the official Gang Beasts servers have been going through some severe server load and many players either can't connect or you keep disconnecting from the server mid-game. It's inconvenient, it's annoying, and it's probably unavoidable.

Most often when you receive this error, and in particular now, the problem is server-side rather than on your end. This means the problem is probably not your internet, it's the game's servers themselves.

Where to Look if Gang Beasts Keeps Disconnecting

Developer Boneloaf have been ironing out the server problems over the past day or so in response to the surge of new players, but some may still experience frequent disconnects as they continue to troubleshoot the problem.

If you're experiencing frequent disconnects on a player-run server, the issue could either be on your end or the server host's end. Try to play on the official servers and see if it's you, or the host. If you can play fine on the official servers, then the problem is the host.

If you cannot connect and play on either a player-hosted server or an official server, then the problem is on your end and could be a matter of your download speed, or even with the load on your CPU if the server you were disconnected from is swimming in spawned objects.

Before you panic, check two things to see how the servers are doing.

Take a look at the official Gang Beasts Twitter to see if the the folks over at Boneloaf have publicly addressed any server issues in the past day. Also take a look at any reports players may have made on Downdetector, which shows community user reports over the past 24 hours. Chances are, it's just the servers under strain and not the fault of your hardware or internet.

If you're new to the game and are still trying to get a wrangle on how to play, check out our Gang Beasts controls guide, which has proved to be quite popular!

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Published Jul. 7th 2021

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