Ski Safari 2 guide for beginners on the slopes

Work your way out of the bunny slope with our Ski Safari 2 guide!

Ski Safari 2 is good, clean fun -- but that's not to say that it lacks challenge. We might not be able to help you cheat your way to the top of the scoreboard, but the tips we've got here in our Ski Safari 2 guide should have you swimming in coins, sweet tricks, and bragging rights in no time.

Flip cautiously

One of the first things Ski Safari 2 will teach you is that you can perform flips. Swipe and tap-based tricks are the basis of this game, and so it is tempting to try to flip on every jump. Unless you want your head in the snow and a meeting with an avalanche soon thereafter, however, you'll want to reconsider.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice we can give you is to be sure to only flip on large jumps, when you're confident of a smooth landing. And if you're not feeling particularly bold, do not attempt multiple flips! Decide quickly if you are going to flip forwards or backwards -- and commit -- as trying both will lead to no tricks performed and a face full of snow.

Align your skis/snowboard with the slope

Momentum is the key to maximizing your time on the slopes. In order to hit the ground running, tap and hold carefully to align yourself to the slope you're falling towards. Doing this will allow you to continue onwards smoothly.

Save tricks for big hangtime

We touched on this in our first tip, but small jumps are a terrible time to try and perform flips and tricks. If you're only jumping a rock, there's no need to make a huge occasion of it. After all, it's extremely risky!

Performing tricks during a large jump will allow you to execute several in short order. Squeezing three in will activate a boost once you land. As well as giving you some extra speed, this will allow you to...

Boost through rocks and other barriers

When you're boosted, it's not just your speed that receives an upgrade. This power up also allows you to act like a battering ram, shattering obstacles in front of you for a short time. Use it to break through rocks while maintaining your momentum.

Use swipe tricks to bypass animals and airborne obstacles

Tired of penguins? SkiFree flashbacks making you wary of the yeti? Skip any ramps, animals, or buildings you're uninterested in using by swiping and performing a trick -- only if you can do so safely, of course!

Avoid a hard fall by tapping intermittently

Many of Ski Safari 2’s falls can be vertical and unforgiving. These long, steep falls can be very costly when it comes to time, but you can mitigate this by tapping your screen every so often, so that your jump evens out your fall.

Given how long some of your falls can last, this is an extremely important tip.

Disregard cosmetics, acquire zones

Ski Safari 2 is a free to play game which makes its money through microtransactions. Part of this is through selling cosmetics for gold coins, which can be purchased or earned through play. When starting out, you'll gain levels and coins at a decent pace. A good tip is to use the coins earned here to unlock new zones, letting you keep your Ski Safari 2 experience fresh. Later levels (and their coins!) will come much more slowly. If you are on a budget or want to play for free, be sure to grab those zones early.

As you progress, you will also settle into a preferred style of play. There are items in the shop that will cater to this -- whether you're a skier or a snowboarder.


If you've got any other vital tips for our Ski Safari 2 guide, we would of course love to hear about them in the comments. But since the game allows you to take angled photos, we'd love to see your favorites and best moments much more!

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Published Dec. 29th 2015

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