Tales of Xillia 2 Guide: Affinity Rewards

Check this guide out for all the Affinity rewards in Tales of Xillia 2!

Tales of Xillia 2 has a relationship system called Affinity. The main character, Ludger, can raise affinity with all 8 of his party members. These levels go up to a maximum of 10, and gives rewards at certain levels. Each character also has their own side story, which unlocks rewards.

These rewards include costumes, weapon, artes, and more. I'll list the rewards of each character and how to get them. I'll also explain them when needed.

Keep in mind that the affinity system only applies to Ludger. The other party members don't get affinity with each other.

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This guide is a work in progress. Getting each character to max affinity takes a long time, so I will constantly update this guide. Be sure to check back often because I'll update this guide every time I find a new reward.

This guide will cover the affinity level system including:

  • Affinity System - How to raise affinity with each character.
  • Character Stories - The rewards for each character and what they do.
  • Affinity Levels - Which levels give rewards for each character and what they are.

Affinity System

Before listing all the rewards, I figured it's a good idea to explain the affinity system and how to raise it with each character.

First, you can check your affinity with each character by opening the menu and checking the status of Ludger. Press "Square" in this screen to bring up each character's affinity level. The filled hearts are how many levels you have.

You raise affinity in 4 different ways:

  • Completing character side stories
  • Conversation choices
  • Friendship Potions
  • Linking with them in battle

The first two are somewhat limited because once you finish the story and each character's story, that's it.

Friendship potions are rewards for paying off certain amounts of debt. They give a big boost to Affinity so be sure to pay your debt whenever you can.

The last one can be done at any time.

  • Just bring members, if you have a choice, that you want to raise affinity with. Remember, you must have Ludger link with them.
  • Link with them during battle and their affinity will slowly increase.
  • Using Partner Mystic Arte as Ludger, when linked with them, will raise it more.

Affinity Rewards

Note: All skills and artes are for Ludger.


Character Story

  • Chapter 1 - Color Variation costume for Jude.
  • Chapter 2 - Xillia haircut and Xillia Outfit 1 for Jude. This is what he had in the first game.
  • Chapter 3 - Xillia Outfit 2. A color variation of his Xillia outfit.
  • Chapter 4 - Celsius fossil. This doesn't do anything. It's just for his next chapter.
  • Chapter 5 - Teepo Mittens weapon for Jude.

Affinity Level

  • Level 1 - Assualt Step skill - You can perform an attack during a front-step. Only applies once when quick stepping. 
  • Level 3 - Agility 3 skill - Increases Agility by 15%.
  • Level 5 - Demon Fang (Dual blades arte) - Send shockwaves to attack at a distance. The sword slash can also count as a hit.


Character Story

  • Chapter 1 - Color Variation costume for Elize.
  • Chapter 2 - Xillia haircut and Xillia Outfit 1 for Elize. Bunniekins costume attachment.
  • Chapter 3 Xillia Outfit 2. A color variation of her Xillia outfit.
  • Chapter 4 - Teepo Umbrella weapon for Elize.

Affinity Level 

  • Level 1 - Reflective Guard skill - For the first 3 seconds of guarding, 20% of all damage received will be reflected back to the enemy (works with Magic Guard). 
  • Level 3 - Spirit 3 skill - Increases Spirit by 15%.
  • Level 5 - Pow Hammer (Sledgehammer arte) - Strikes the ground and sends out hammers to stun foes.


Character Story

  • Chapter 1 - Color Variation costume for Leia.
  • Chapter 2 - Xillia haircut and Xillia Outfit 1 for Leia.
  • Chapter 3 - Xillia haircut 2 and Xillia Outfit 2. A color variation.
  • Chapter 4 - Lacrosse Stick weapon for Leia.

Affinity Level

  • Level 1 - Lottery skill - 25% chance of getting twice as much Gald after battle.
  • Level 3 - Stamina 3 skill - Increases Stamina by 15%.
  • Level 5 - Swallow Flight (Sledgehammer arte) - Two assaults launch enemies into the air.


Character Story

  • Chapter 1 - Color Variation costume for Alvin.
  • Chapter 2 - Xillia haircut and Xillia Outfit 1 for Alvin.
  • Chapter 3 - Xillia Outfit 2. A color variation of his Xillia outfit.
  • Chapter 4 - Clean Cut costume for Alvin. Xillia outfit with no facial hair.
  • Chapter 5 - Squid on a Stick weapon for Alvin.

Affinity Level

  • Level 1 - Critical skill - Increases chance to perform a critical by 3%.
  • Level 3 - Strength 3 skill - Increases Strength by 15%.
  • Level 5 - Squall Shot (Dual Pistols arte) - Fires a rain of bullets on enemies. The amount of bullets will increase when mastered.


Character Story

  • Chapter 1 - Color Variation costume for Rowen.
  • Chapter 2 - Xillia haircut and Xillia Outfit 1 for Rowen.
  • Chapter 3 - Xillia Outfit 2. A color variation of his Xillia outfit.
  • Chapter 4 - Pointing Stick weapon for Rowen.

Affinity Level

  • Level 1 - Point Conversion skill - Changes HP to 75% and TP to 125% of the normal value.
  • Level 3 - Intelligence 3 skill - Increases Intelligence by 15%.
  • Level 5 - Meteoric Waltz (Dual Pistols arte) - Summon mighty rock spirits from the ground. The number of hits increases when mastered.


Character Story

  • Chapter 1 - Item Sphere Plus - Increases how many items you can set in the auto-items menu.
  • Chapter 2 - Item Sphere Plus.
  • Chapter 3 - Color Variation costume for Milla.
  • Chapter 4 - Xillia outfit 1 and Xillia Haircut for Milla.
  • Chapter 5 - Xillia outfit 2
  • Chapter 6 - Fangirl weapon for Milla.

Affinity Level

  • Level 1 - Quick Drop skill - Touch down on land in an instant by moving the left stick down while in air.
  • Level 3 - Psyche 3 skill - Increases Psyche by 15%.
  • Level 5 - Whirling Assault (Dual blades arte) - Attack with high-speed strikes. Speed increases when mastered.


Character Story

  • Chapter 1 - Color Variation costume for Gaius.
  • Chapter 2 - Xillia haircut and Xillia Outfit 1 for Gaius.
  • Chapter 3 - Xillia Outfit 2
  • Chapter 4 - Festival Paddle weapon for Gaius.

Affinity Level

  • Level 1 - Guard Plus skill - Restore an additonal 1% TP from guarding.
  • Level 3 - Vitality skill - Increases Vitality by 15%.
  • Level 5 - Tiger Blade (Dual blades arte) - Slices upward, then downward.


Character Story

  • Chapter 1 - Color Variation costume for Muzét.
  • Chapter 2 - Xillia haircut and Xillia Outfit 1 for Muzét. Also gives Harpy Feather Hairpin attachment.
  • Chapter 3 - Xillia Outfit 2
  • Chapter 4 - Sweet Dumplings weapon for Muzét.

Affinity Level

  • Level 1 - HP Absorbed skill - Normal attacks restore HP instead of TP.
  • Level 3 - Dexterity 3 skill - Increases Dexterity by 15%.
  • Level 5 - Stun Blitz (Dual Pistols arte) - A shot that can stun enemies. Sprays bullets in all directions.

That wraps up the Affinity rewards guide for Tales of Xillia 2. If you know of any missing, let me know in the comments, please. Be sure to check out the guide directory for more guides!

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Published Aug. 28th 2014
  • arandom_guy
    I believe you can also obtain gifts from raising the affinity of Milla (Fractured).
  • Aburai_7260
    Hi, great guide so far! Just an extra pointer, Friendship Potions increase a character's affinity greatly (based on current Affinity level - higher the level the lower the increase). These Friendship Potions can be obtained through paying off installments of the 20 million gald debt. So far I've obtained about one Friendship Potion at about every 100,000 gald repayment mark (when I pay ahead of schedule) <<< mind you I have only repaid 775,000 so far and I am up to Chapter 6 in main story-line haha... grind-fest much? xD
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Thanks, I forgot about those. I'll add that. It gets easier after you beat the game, the jobs at that point give you a lot of money.

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