Layers of Fear 2 Guide: Padlock Combination in the Eyepatch Room

Layers of Fear 2 will stump you with puzzles as often as it'll spook you with its trippy horror story. Use our guide to get past the first padlock in the pirate room.

Bloober Team's first-person horror sequel, Layers of Fear 2, is now in stores ready to scare you into submission once again. Throughout the game, players will be tasked with solving many puzzles to advance. 

Sometimes these puzzles are pretty easy, while other times they'll take a keen eye for the details. We'll be bringing you several guides on Layers of Fear 2's puzzles, beginning with one of the first stoppages players will face in the game.

Stuck on the padlock in the room with the pirate eyepatch on display? Use this guide to advance your story around the next creepy corner.

Where to Find the Padlock Combination

As you enter the dark room with the pirate eyepatch on display to your right, you can pick it up to hear a bit of story dialogue. After that, trying to exit will quickly have some of the ceiling cave in on you. That leaves you with just one exit: the door with a padlock on it. 

As the game locks you in this room, you can rest assured the answer lies within, and more specifically, above. You'll need a three-digit combination to get through the door but nothing else you can toy with in the room seems to give any hints.

The answer you're searching for has actually gone over your head. No, literally. If you're looking at the combination lock, do a 180 and look up. From where the ceiling fell you can see a code: 660.

At first, we thought maybe the game would toy with us just a bit more and we needed to input the code upside-down, as in 099, but nope! 660 is the code you're seeking. Align the correct numbers with the arrows on the padlock and you're in.

Let this approach be a tutorial for you while you move about the cruiseliner uncovering another dark and twisted mystery in Layers of Fear 2. Oftentimes you'll just need to see the world from a different perspective.

Need more help with the puzzles in Layers of Fear 2? Don't miss the solution to the game's projection screen puzzles. Or maybe you're curious what we thought of the game overall. If so, check out our in-depth review for more and keep an eye on GameSkinny for more Layers of Fear 2 guides.


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Published May. 23rd 2019

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