Harvest Moon: One World — How to Get Strawberry Jam

Here's how to grow strawberries and get strawberry jam in Harvest Moon: One World.

Strawberry jam is an essential component of the Harvest Goddess offering ritual in Harvest Moon: One World. However, like some other fruit and vegetable recipes in this Story of Seasons-like farming sim, jam is not exactly easy to get. It requires you to not only grow strawberries from seeds but also unlock the jam's recipe before cooking it in your kitchen. 

The guide below has everything you need to get started and complete the Harvest Goddess ritual. From growing strawberries to finishing a quest for Ahina in Halo, it provides you with all the steps for getting homemade strawberry jam in Harvest Moon: One World. If you already have strawberries, then you can skip to steps two and three. 

How to Get Strawberry Jam in Harvest Moon: One World

Step 1: Grow Strawberries

Strawberries are grown from strawberry seeds, which can be found in Lebkuchen in two locations:

  • The Mine
  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbit’s Spawner

To unlock the Harvest Moon: One World strawberry jam recipe, you must progress through the game and grow at least one strawberry. Luckily, you only need one seed, since one seed yields three strawberries. The growing cycle for strawberries is six days. 

Step 2: Talk to Ahina and Complete the "Fix the Car" Quest

Once you have a strawberry, you must talk to Ahina. While Samantha the shop owner can be found in any town that you visit, she won't sell you anything unless you complete the "Fix the Cart" quest given by Ahina at Cafe Mahalo in Halo.

To complete this quest, you must chop down two palm trees with an axe from the gorgeous beaches of Halo. Then you must bring four pieces of palm lumber back to Ahina. 

Step 3: Cook Strawberry Jam

You can now speak to Samantha, who will gladly open her mobile shop. There you will find the strawberry jam recipe for 3,000G. Once you've purchased the recipe, follow these steps to cook the jam:

  1. Go to your kitchen
  2. Select "Cooking" tab
  3. Pick "strawberry jam" option
  4. Confirm by pressing the "Cook" button

You will get one jar of the strawberry jam from the above recipe, which you can now offer to the Harvest Goddess.

That's all you need to know about plating strawberries, completing the quest for Ahina, and getting the strawberry jam in Harvest Moon: One World on Nintendo Switch. If you found this article helpful, consider giving it a share!


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Published Mar. 11th 2021

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