Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Heal

Running into trouble with Wasteland 3's many enemies? Here's how to heal yourself and your companions to stay one step ahead.

In Wasteland 3, you're going to come across tons of deadly enemies, and they are more than likely going to kick your ass. That's the nature of being in a desolate world, but it doesn't mean you have to be unprepared. There are a variety of ways to heal yourself, and you're one step ahead of the enemies that await you on your travels if you know how to do it. 

Healing can be done either during battle or within towns. It's also a vital tool to pick up downed teammates and keep the momentum of battles flowing.

If every teammate is downed, it's game over, and that's not what you want, especially if you're fairly deep into a lengthy quest or mission. So here are a variety of ways to ensure you and your team are consistently topped up on health and on their best game.

How to Heal Yourself and Your Teammates

Wasteland 3's character inventory showing a bunch of items and a medic pack next to a ranger with cowboy hat, rifle.

Healing can be done in various ways and isn't simply applying a first aid pack to a wound. There's a multitude of ways and each has its own benefits.

Med Hypos

Med Hypos are the most common healing resource found in Wasteland 3, Med Hypos are quick fixes and can help out in most situations.

Any character can quickly apply these, however, party members more efficient in the First Aid skill are prone to reaping more health. Be sure to equip the item to your inventory so you're able to quickly use them in battle.

Medic Packs

Medic Packs are a bit different. Only characters with at least one skill point in First Aid will be able to utilize these. Much like the Med Hypos, they must be equipped into your inventory, but instead of instant healing you, they will instead provide health over three turns.


Snacks are similar to Med Hypos. These quick fixes will gift you or your teammates a slight bit of health, although not as effectively as Hypos. Instead, they use up fewer AP points, meaning you have more actions to utilize across your turn.

Suture Kit

Suture Kits are much like Medic Packs. They require a party member with at least one skill point in First Aid. Instead of providing health, a Suture Kit stops the effect of bleeding, which can seriously drain HP over multiple turns.


It's also a viable option to use Doctors in the many towns strewn across the world. Their usefulness lies not only in being able to heal your team but to also cure any status ailments, such as injuries or diseases.

How to Revive Companions in Wasteland 3

Teammates can be downed in combat if their total constitution reaches 0. As a result, it's up to you to revive them before they're out for good. 

To do so, simply reach their position to perform the action using some of your available AP. Once they're back, don't relax; they will now have a permanent injury that demands your attention.

Make sure you're equipped with Injury Kits, which work similarly to Medic Kits. Applying these should heal the ailment and have your companion back on their feet.

Any ally that isn't revived before their counter runs out will die — permanently. They will no longer be in your party. So act fast and keep an eye on your allies' HP.

While it may seem like a lot, it's pretty easy to heal yourself and your companions. Wasteland 3 is filled with unique systems and as such, you may need a helping hand here and there. We've got you covered with our growing list of Wasteland 3 guides, which includes how to play co op and how to find the limerick answers, as well as a full list of skills and best weapons. 


Published Sep. 15th 2020

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