Tower of Fantasy: Possible Fixes for Memory Leak Bug

If you noticed any memory leaks in your system when playing Tower of Fantasy, then follow our guide for some possible fixes.

Owners of Nvidia RTX graphics cards have been experiencing some serious memory leaks in Tower of Fantasy lately. This glitch is connected to Nvidia's Deep learning super sampling (DLSS) technology.

There are not many ways to fix this issue, but we will go over two possible — and easy — solutions below. Though, admittedly, they are not the most ideal. 

Turn Off DLSS

If you are willing to lose the benefits of DLSS while playing Tower of Fantasy, you can simply turn it off by following these steps:

  1. Go to the game's main menu.
  2. Select "Settings" option.
  3. Go to "Display" tab.
  4. Toggle DLSS enabler to "OFF" position.

This simple action should instantly stop any memory leaks in your system, but you may or may not notice any changes to the quality of the imagery in the game.

Install the Newest Version of DLSS

Tower of Fantasy players who don't want to disable DLSS can install the latest version of the DLSS libraries released by Nvidia. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to DLSS PowerUp webpage.
  2. Download the latest version of the DLSS libraries.
  3. Go to "\Tower of Fantasy\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Nvidia\DLSS\Binaries\ThirdParty\Win64" folder on your PC.
  4. Delete the old "nvngx_dlss.dll" file.
  5. Copy and paste the new DLSS libraries .zip file into the folder and unpack it.

Reportedly, the latest version of the DLSS libraries doesn't cause memory leaks in the system.

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Published Oct. 29th 2022

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