Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — How to Add Abilities to Weapons and Armor

Embedment lets you add and remove abilities from weapons and armor. Here is how it works.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a loot game with a ton of replayability. And like the Team Ninja games before it, Wo Long has elements that don't show their depth or necessity until you start replaying the game. One such feature is the Embedment system, which allows you to customize ability slots. Let's go over how to add abilities to weapons and armor via Embedment.

This works hand in hand with the Salvage system, where you break down weapons and armor, to lead to a ton of customization options in Wo Long. We'll go into Salvaging in this guide as well.

How Embedment Works in Wo Long

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In Wo Long, all equipment has a rarity rating between one and four stars (five-star gear becomes available after completing the game). This rating determines how many ability slots a weapon or piece of armor can have. But with Embedment, you don't just have to settle for the abilities that got randomly rolled on what now has become your most upgraded weapon. 

In part 3 of the game you finally earn access to the Embedment and Salvage menu options. This is what they do.

You can extract any special ability from your current equipment as jewels and then embed them in other weapons. Both Extraction and Embedment also require jewel fragments to create. These fragments act as a currency of a sort that limits you from embedding whatever you want in whatever and break the balance of the game. 

The best way to get jewel fragments? Well that's where Salvage comes in to the picture.

How Salvage Works in Wo Long

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The Salvage mechanic allows you to break down weapons and armor into materials and jewel fragments. Each salvaged item will turn into fragments and an upgrade material equivalent to its level (Steel for weapons, Leather for armor). Salvaging your trash loot is often a much better option that simply selling it for copper, which is in abundance already. 

Both of these options can be selected from game's blacksmith, Zhu Xia in the Hidden Village. 

Now that you know how to add abilities to weapons and armor, you can head to the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide hub for more late-game mechanics explained.

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Published Mar. 6th 2023

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