Destiny 2: How to Get the Flamenco Emote

Show some style with the Flamenco Emote in Destiny 2. Here's how to get it.

The Destiny 2 Flamenco Emote is one of the newest introduced in Lightfall. The quest for emotes is as old as the franchise itself, with dances being one of the original draws, whether purchased with real money or earned through play.

Since D2 is a much longer-running game than the first entry and puts out significantly more emotes and other cosmetics season-over-season, there are a nearly endless options available. But if you want this modern classic of dance, there are only two ways to get it.

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Where to Find the Flamenco Emote

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Unlike the first Destiny, getting a good emote through play alone is rare. You'll need to pony up to get your choice of flamboyant dance, meme, or other meta-referential emote, like the Flamenco Dance.

Your most assured method of getting the Flamenco Emote is by purchasing it using Silver. Silver is the premium currency in Destiny 2, usable only in the Eververse store and only obtainable with real-world money.

The Flamenco Emote only 500 Silver, the equivalent of about $5 U.S., though depending on your region and conversion rates, you may pay a bit more.

Once you purchase the Flamenco Emote with Silver, it will go into your inventory, and you can refund or keep it. If kept, there are no additional chances at refunds, and you won't be getting your real money back, just the equivalent of Silver spent.

The other way to get the Flamenco Emote is much less certain but requires only playing the game for a few hours. If the dance comes to the Eververse store as a purchase for Bright Dust, you'll only pay 700 Dust for it, though there will be no refunds.

Bright Dust isn't as common a commodity as many other currencies in Destiny 2. Still, you can earn it passively by completing Vendor challenges, participating in Seasonale vents, the Season Pass, and other methods.

But that's how to get the Flamenco Emote in Destiny 2. It's unclear when or if the emote will appear for Bright Dust, as some cosmetics remain permanently locked behind a paywall. Keep an eye on the Eververse store, which resets every Tuesday at 12 p.m. EST. If you're looking for more on Destiny 2, our guides hub has you covered.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2023

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