The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bovine Money & Food Exploit

Here's an easy money and food exploit to assist you in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Hello fellow Witchers of the Northern Realms. Are you finding funds a bit difficult to come by? Are the Vellen Longswords and Maribor Swords not selling like they used to? It's a really tough market out there.

Well head over to White Orchard where the local bovine (with a little meditation) make for agricultural economic fun!

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YouTuber WhatsMyGame discovered this unique exploit during his playthrough after realizing how badly certain items sell at the vendors. The key to making any money in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is finding items that sell for a good sum and cow hide is your ticket.

The field for this is located in White Orchard by the tavern where you first met up with Vesemir. There's a bunch of women cleaning with one sitting on the ground upset. You'll see two cows in the small field within the fence. That's your location!

You'll need to kill both cows, loot what they drop, then go into your menu and select Meditation. Set your Meditation ahead for two hours. The cows should be in the field again for you to rinse and repeat. The cow hide is the most valuable when selling to the shop keepers. Please bear in mind that cow hide won't always drop, however, you'll get raw meat and milk which are useful for your Vitality!

Note: This IS NOT a cheat, it's legitimate. Shop keepers only have so much money, so you can fast-travel to other areas to sell your extra cow hide. Also, in this same area at the Armorer, purchasing the saddlebags for Roach will increase the amount you can carry.

As a reminder: if you haven't noticed by now throughout The Witcher 3, this game is all about save, save, saving your progress. Yes the game auto-saves, but they're also quite far and in-between. So if you do happen to die, it'll start you back at your last save point. Not fun...

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Published May. 22nd 2015

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