GameSkinny Update 6/22: The "We're Kind of a Big Deal" Edition

We have MANY leatherbound books.

Well, someone has to say it: we're impressed! The past five weeks in a row have all been record-breaking weeks here on GameSkinny. We've had more articles, more writers, more pageviews, and more awesome content than ever before.

And, shucks, doesn't that kick butt?

GameSkinny writers have always shown gusto and great writing abilities, and our community's hard work has been stellar. The volume of content, the timely E3 coverage, the excellent op-eds and editorials, the robust tips & tricks - everything we've had up on GameSkinny lately just oozes high-quality writing! And it's not just your editors who think so, no.

The numbers don't lie: we are literally bringing in *millions* (yes, plural!) of pageviews per month and those numbers are only growing. People have been flocking to GameSkinny to get their daily dose of written gaming content.

And who can blame them? GameSkinny writers make the best content

We had so much excellent E3 news coverage that our editors' set new editing speed records! Not to mention all the great opinion articles and reflections on the event and the press conferences. Hell, the excitement over Fallout 4 has generated a ton of content on its own!

We've got killer Witcher 3 guides, rockin' cheat sheets (we're addicted, send help), and even tips and tricks for the new Early Access darling Ark: Survival Evolved. We've got so many Minecraft seed articles that we actually made a list for all of our lists of Minecraft seeds. Oh, and are you into Magicka 2 or Heroes of the Storm? Don't worry, we've got you covered too.

All of this joins our regular columns, Transparency and Guild Guide by former columnists Larry Everett and Eliot Lefebvre, and our slew of fantastic and hilarious slideshows like Rob's showcase of terrible video game box art and Steph's investigation of NSFW Skyrim mods.

Oh, and let's not forget everything on our homepage.

Basically, GameSkinny is the place to be.

And our community is getting ever better

We set out looking to create a place for amateur games journalists to have a platform, have a voice. Now, we have millions of people reading work from GameSkinny writers. That's pretty incredible.

It's all thanks to you, our writers (and our soon to be writers *cough*). We have been able to keep our little community running and now even expand as we introduce Kate Farrow, our new Community Manager. You'll see her around the forums, social media, and support, making GameSkinny an even better and friendlier place to call home. She is more than happy to chat with you about everything from your favorite class to that one recurring Skyrim/Oregon Trail dream where you lose your wagon while fording a river and have to ride your oxen through a forest avoiding giant spiders. (Pro Tip: Your dream self should've caulked the wagon.)

And we're also introducing Kyle Johnston, our new Head of Support. You got a problem, yo he'll solve it. Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it. Now that we mention it, he has been working so tirelessly on support tickets that we should probably go check on him to make sure he hasn't gotten sucked into his computer to battle the Master Control Program.

We've broken records for the past 5 weeks in a row. Let's keep going! This success means we've got the resources to plan for the bigger and better GameSkinny. We've got more in store for you all, and we think you're really going to love where GameSkinny is going.

If you are interested in jumping in on GameSkinny, there's no better time than now! Make sure to sign up for the Bounty Program, where our best writers can earn money off their successful content, and check out our Journalist Training Program where you can learn how to sharpen your writing skills.


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Published Jun. 23rd 2015
  • Review Yobo
    Impressive numbers and an impressive story!

    I am sure everyone is thinking the same thing - I'm glad I can be a small part of something that is much greater than I.

    Viva la GameSkinny!

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