Destiny 2 Guardian Games Laurel Farming Guide

Destiny 2 Laurel farming is the best way to maximize your efforts in the Guardian Games. Here's how to do it.

Laurels are a new consumable unique to Destiny 2's latest community event, the Guardian Games. If you want your class to win it all in a little under a month, you'll need to collect lots and lots of Destiny 2 Laurels. That means farming — lots and lots of farming.

This guide shows you the best way to farm Laurels so you can complete bounties, medals, and other objectives and put your class at the top of the Games.

Destiny 2 Laurels Farming: The Best Place to Get Them

If you have a bounty, medal, or other objective asking you to collect Laurels, odds are the different kinds have a different point value: the ones for your class are probably worth 3 points; other classes are worth 1 point. Maximizing your gains is essential, and there are a few places to do that really, really well.

Farming Destiny 2 Laurels Method 1: Repeating Lost Sectors

It's a tale as old as Destiny 2. You want easy farms, do Lost Sectors over and over. Ideally, you want something you can get to quickly and do just as fast. More importantly, you want a lot of enemies in a small space, so you don't waste any kills. 

The best Lost Sectors in the game for enemy density are:

  • Kingship Dock in Thieves Landing on the Tangled Shore
  • The Orrery in Artifact's Edge on Nessus
  • Core Terminus in Braytech Futurescape on Mars

These three Sectors come with the added benefit of easy-to-access and frequently-respawning Public Event flags you can use to recharge your Super, the best ability for Laurel farming. 

The basic pattern goes like this: Travel to the destination of your choice and pick up a flag to refill your abilities. Run the Lost Sector. Travel to another flag. Repeat the process until you have all the Laurels you could ever want.

Farming Destiny 2 Laurels Method 2: Strikes and Gambit

If you want to multitask while farming Laurels, I recommend doing Strikes and, to a lesser extent, Gambit. You'll be able to get your hands on Pinnacle rewards, and there are plenty of opportunities in both to gobble up large amounts of Laurels. 

Strikes are preferable for a couple of reasons. First, you won't be waylaid by invading players, and Strike enemies tend not to hit nearly as hard, especially compared to Gambit Prime.

Strikes are a much more chill experience altogether, too, and go by quicker even if your team is made of randoms who only know a couple of mechanics. Frustration is the enemy of farming, after all.

Farming Destiny 2 Laurels Method 3: Run Escalation Protocol

Many players have already settled on the Mars activity Escalation Protocol as their Laurel farming grind of choice. Specifically, the first few levels are the best, as the enemies are plentiful and easy to kill.

That said, even later levels are worthwhile, though you'll have to work harder for your Laurels, as the enemies have more health and deal much more damage. Bosses are a bigger hassle to deal with later on as well.

The last disadvantage to Escalation Protocol is the competition you'll be facing against other players in the server. If there's even one Guardian of another class, you'll be handicapped by their less valuable Laurels. It's probably not the biggest deal, but something to be aware of.

A few hangups don't take this activity off the farming table, of course. It's still a highly efficient and enjoyable horde mode. The Level 7 armor isn't bad looking either, though getting a good roll is a hassle and a half.

Best Classes and Abilities to Farm Laurels

The class you use for farming the most Laurels will depend on which one you want to win the Guardian Games with. All classes have good options for killing masses of enemies at once, but certain abilities are just better than others at mob clearing.

Warlock Farming Class: Attunement of Conduction

When it comes to clearing, I don't think anything beats top-tree Stormcaller. First and foremost is Arc Web, the ability to chain damage from your grenade between nearby enemies. A single Pulse grenade is great, but if it can affect a whole room full of trash mobs, all the better.

Second, its ability to boost Super time and survivability when you cast it with full grenade and melee charges. More time in-Super, more Laurels made.

Pair this Super with the Crown of Tempests Exotic helmet, and you'll be shooting lightning from your fingers for longer than Emperor Palpatine would like.

Hunter Farming Class: Way of the Warrior

Arc energy wins again with the Way of the Warrior Hunter subclass. There are a few reasons, first among them is the subclass's ability to chain effectively infinitely-charged melee attacks, so long as you have enemies around you and a charged Dodge ability. That last bit is pretty easy because melee kills recharge the dodge and vice versa. 

Second: the Liar's Handshake Exotic gauntlets. Their Cross-Counter ability is a fast follow up attack that also heals you, upping your survivability.

The third ability at play here is Lethal Current, which ups your damage after dodging in-Super. This is handy to have if you run into a tougher enemy than you were expecting, and you need some extra oomph to take them down.

Titan Farming Class: Code of the Juggernaut

Arc wins all three farming classes, thanks again to an Exotic and perk-Super combination. Code of the Juggernaut has been the bane of Crucible since at least Forsaken launch. It's never been a slouch at PvE content either and now is no different.

There's almost no other Super in the game that lasts as long or can deal as much damage as Fist of Havoc in bottom-tree Striker. You can and will eliminate everything within a half-mile radius.

Add in the Insurmountable Skullfort Exotic helmet, and even if you don't have your Super active, you'll have infinite melee attacks. 


Those are the most accessible, easiest-to-reach Destiny 2 Laurel farming areas and best farming classes right now. As the Guardian Games progress, different temporary solutions will make themselves known. Still, the options above aren't going anywhere anytime soon and take no time to set up or consistently complete.

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John Schutt has been playing games for almost 25 years, starting with Super Mario 64 and progressing to every genre under the sun. He spent almost 4 years writing for strategy and satire site TopTierTactics under the moniker Xiant, and somehow managed to find time to get an MFA in Creative Writing in between all the gaming. His specialty is action games, but his first love will always be the RPG. Oh, and his avatar is, was, and will always be a squirrel, a trend he's carried as long as he's had a Steam account, and for some time before that.

Published Apr. 24th 2020

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