Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find the 3 Flowers for Objective 34

Check this guide for the locations of the three flowers necessary to complete objective 34 in Kingdom Hearts 2.8!

One of the objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is to find three flowers that represent Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather in the Forest of Thorns. These are easy to miss if you don't know where to look, so we're going to show you all three locations so you can easily complete objective 34.

You can get these flowers even if you missed them and went on to the next world during your first playthrough. JTo access the Forest of Thorns area, just go to a save point and teleport to one of the save points in the Forest of Thorns. I've already picked up the flowers, so you won't see them in the screenshots below -- but these are the locations in which you'll find the flowers.

Finding the First Flower

kingdom hearts 2.8 objective 34

This flower can be found after the first optional swirling log ride. Go down the path through some red thorny vines until you reach a fork.

Continue straight instead of going right to reach a clearing where you fight heartless and get a chest. The flower is to the left as you enter.

Finding the Second Flower

kingdom hearts 2.8 objective 34

This flower can be found after defeating the second Darkside following the second save point. After completing the long log ride where you must dodge the Darksides' attacks, you'll come across the second save point.

Follow the path straight until you reach stone steps to the right and a Darkside in the middle. The flower is to the left of that Darkside in a dead end.

Finding the Third Flower

kingdom hearts 2.8 objective 34

Finding this flower is a little tricky to explain, so look at the minimap in the screenshot to get a better idea if you get lost.

When you reach the part right before going through the gauntlet of Darksides, turn back around and take the left path instead of the path to the right (where you came from). 

You will continue down the path until you see the flower to the right. You will have to destroy vines to get to it.


That's all three flowers needed to complete objective 34 and get the Minnie Ears (Blue Bow) for the Wardrobe. For help with anything else, check out our guide on all the objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8!

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Published Jan. 29th 2017

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