Castle Clash Beginners Guide

If there is one sentence to cover the whole thing. Save gems, buy builders.

As you can see in the skinny to the right, save gems, buy builders. That is the number one thing to keep in mind. In order to buy all five builders, you need to save a total of 3500 gems. 500 for the third builder, 1000 for the fourth and 2000 for the fifth. It's very useful to have all these builders so you have stuff upgrading constantly.

Buying Gems Feels Worth it

If you are not concerned with spending a little bit of money, a great way to skip straight to all five builders is to buy the $20 package of gems. Honestly... I did, and I'm satisfied with the purchase. That is a rare occurrence in the realm of micro-transactions in mobile games. The other huge perk to buying the $20 package is the pile of other currencies that come with it; heroes and honor badges are used to upgrade heroes. Don't be confused by that either, you can lightly consider heroes to be another form of currency because you can use them to upgrade towers and other heroes' abilities.

To get you started with your base, below I list out priorities that you should take into consideration. 

Building Upgrade Priority

Upgrading your buildings is hands down the most important piece of progressing through Castle Clash. The absolute most important of these is your Town Hall. Not only that, the Town Hall upgrades always take the longest. If your Town Hall is not upgrading every second of every day, you're wasting your time. This is why I recommend the build order below. Whatever steps are necessary to ensure your Town Hall is upgrading is vital. The only thing that will hinder your Town Hall upgrade is your Gold Storage buildings.

So for my base, two builders are going 24/7. One on my town hall and at least one other on a Gold Vault to ensure my next Town Hall upgrade cost isn't out of my reach. The other builders are dedicated to keeping my mana vault caught up with the cost of upgrading the gold vault and also making sure every possible building is built at all times.

Town Hall > Gold Vault > Gold Mine > Mana Vault > Mana Mill > Everything Else

Unit Upgrade Priority

Upgrading your units mostly comes down to how you attack (and lightly influenced by your heroes). I followed the upgrades I listed below because the Hunters are amazing towards the beginning of the game. It's not until 4000 Might that you begin running into player bases where Hunters just don't cut it anymore.

After you have maxed out Hunters and move to maxing Pyromancers is when it all becomes personal preference. Griffins (require level 5 Pyromancers) are flying units, therefore the bomb towers can't hit them. This seems to be a usual favorite among players, but personally, I like the Centaurs more.

Guardian Lv2 > Hunter Lv2 > Pyromancer Lv2 > Hunter Lv5 > Pyromancer Lv5 > Griffins

Spell Upgrade Priority

This is also influenced by your style of attack, but towards the beginning is vital and needs to be done correctly to help you conquer. I am a huge fan of Arrow Rain and Ares' Fervor. Those two spells helped carry me straight up to 4000 Might at a very low-cost. Spells of higher level really start to pile on the cost and Arrow Rain and Ares' Fervor will help you keep the expenses down as long as possible.

Arrow Rain Lv5 > Ares' Fervor Lv5 > Meteor Lv5 > Everything Else

If you have made your way to level 5 Hunters and level 5 Are's Fervor, you have officially gotten into this game and... well, buckle up! You'll be at this for a long time. After you get to this stage you are most likely around level 12 Town Hall and pushing 3-4k Might. At this point, you should have a very good grip on the game and these tips and strategies will come naturally.

Leveling and Using Your Heroes

I find that heroes are the center piece of this game. They did an incredible job of making heroes a fun and important part of the game. There are four main uses for your heroes. Defense of your base, heavy hitters while attacking others, used to upgrade your base towers, and can be consumed to level up abilities of other heroes.

In order for all of these different uses to be taken advantage of, you need to keep these things in mind.

  • Currencies used: Gold, Honor Badges, Gems (purple), Shards (green), and the flames earned from dungeons (Each dungeon has a total of 3 flames, think of them as stars, you always want to 3 star dungeons).
  • Honor Badges are earned from your arena ranking (the higher you are the more per hour you earn) and also you get a small amount from attacks (PvP and PvE).
  • Shards are extremely hard to come across, they drop in small amounts from dungeons. Shards are then used to either be donated to your guild or used to buy new heroes.
  • Always try to get a well-rounded group of heroes. There are healers/support, tanks, ranged DPS, melee DPS, and magic DPS.
  • Level, level, level. Attack over and over to level up your heroes. At every 20 levels you have to upgrade them to move to the next 20 levels. Always keep in mind how many HB's and Flames you have saved up to continue the leveling spree.

Hero Upgrade Costs

Level RequiredGoldHBFlamesMax Lvl
20 10,000 1,000 10 40
40 30,000 3,000 50 60
60 100,000 10,000 75 80
80 200,000 20,000 105 100
100 300,000 30,000 135 120


It keeps going up to level 180, I have no idea how much it starts to cost after the max level 120, but it's safe to assume it continues upwards in a similar pattern. I believe the max level is 200, wouldn't be surprised if they continue to raise that over time as well.

The next thing to keep in mind while leveling your heroes is the rarity of the heroes you have. There are Ordinary (green), Elite (blue), and Legend (purple). Obviously legend heroes are the best so you want to shoot for a full set of legends. There are a few ways to get new heroes.

  • Buy with Shards (See editors note at the end of the article)
  • Buy with HB (decent way to go about it, but I find HB is best saved for upgrading heroes)
  • Buy with Gems (I find this the best way, yet most expensive)

When buying heroes with gems you have two options, buy 1 for 150 or buy 3 with 450. I've tried buying 1 a couple of times and every single hero I got was an ordinary hero that I already had. When I went with the 450 gem 3 hero option, I got two legends and an elite. I think they do this to encourage spending all 450 at once. Basically, save up and buy three heroes at once, it's definitely worth it.

Building Your Defenses

The fundamental important things for defending your base are as follows:

  • Walls
  • Towers
  • Bombs
  • Army Camps
  • Hero Bases

You may now be thinking, 'obviously', but these are all worthless by themselves. It's not until you arrange them together to compliment each other and be effective. I have designed my base around the idea of any point you attack is heavily guarded. If you come in from the side, as you go into the center, you are collapsed on. If you come at the corner, the same happens. The center piece of all bases should be your towers. The more the enemy has to fight on the way towards the towers, the more damage they will do. I'm posting a screen shot of my base to help demonstrate.


*Don't mind the empty army camps <.>


I find this idea of collapsing inwards to work extremely well. Most attackers are unsuccessful. I could be wrong and there are better set ups than I have, but I'm certain the best set ups always have the idea of collapsing inwards in mind.


Let me know in the comments how wrong/right you think I am. Still curious about an aspect of the game? Go ahead and ask. I hope these tips and strategy ideas help!

Editors Note:

Thanks to reddit user jokez0103 I now know of an entire section of the game I've missed. On the northwest edge of your base there is a big blue portal (I can't believe I missed it). It turns out that this is a challenge section. Each challenge is a series of enemy waves that attack your base. The challenges go A-J and each contain 5 waves. You can stack up to 4 challenge runs at a time and the runs are regenerated once every three hours. Each challenge run can yield shards, mana, gold, and lots of experience. Also, provided by reddit user Stompp - "You can get 100 shards a day in mid-range might by building your layout to accommodate just level "B".".

I will continue to play this whole new section of the game and add more to this post regarding challenges.

Seeing that my base set up above is pretty out dated, I wanted to upload my current set up. I have optimized this base set up specifically for beating the challenges.

Tower Garrisons: 3 with level 2 epic. 2 with level 2 rare and 1 with level 1. 3 with level 2 common and 1 with level 3.

Hero Base Heroes: 83 Thunder God, 89 Ninja, 77 Druid, 52 Paladin, and 72 Pumpkin Duke

Master O' Bugs

Hi everyone! I'm Brian Schaaf, keeper of bug reports and calmer of the GameSkinnians! I also play too many games. Lets play something, betcha I'll win.

Published Apr. 25th 2014
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    Guys plizz help me,this may not be the place for it,but I'm new to this game and have reached about 1700 might,lol,yeah,I know,thats awfully low,but the thing is I'm having trouble in deciding whether to spend 450 gems for rolling 3 heroes or hoard them up for the fourth builder,I have 3 heroes,lvl 80 Executioner,lvl 40 cyclops and lvl 40 assassin,please some opinions would be helpful
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    Nice review...Thanks a lot!
    But I need help understanding arena. I put my defenses and then go in and watch the other guys run all sweet and pretty demolishing my heroes altar, with NONE of my guys at hand. What am I doing wrong?
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    You have to go to your arena and tap Defense. This is where you can set up your arena defense.
  • dgdf
    are hacks bad
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    99.99999999% of the time yes haha. I just wouldn't mess with them. Even if you are successful I'm assuming GG will ban people.
  • kyle p._2719
    I need to know how to place army camps and hero bases
  • Isowid2
    Good article though. Please, if you can elaborate on how honor badges are obtained other than at a snails pace losing to people 20 levels over you dozens of times over, I'd love to know.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I get your frustration. Just one of the draw backs of this genre of game. I actually go into detail about my feelings on that in my review of the game.

    Anyway, you're just out of luck on getting more honor badges. How you get them is through the arena matches themselves. Then your rank determines the HB/hour you recieve after. There are HB rewards from the new daily rewards thing they added I believe, so that's about it, a waiting game.

    Snails pace, that's this genre for you haha.
  • Isowid2
    Interesting arena system they have, the ones on top stay on top? Im' literally stuck playing people who are light years beyond the setup that I have, and I've no way to advance?? What sorta system is this?
  • Cavemanz_9693
    You missed a lot - but if i post em all - your viewers will abuse these tricks and render them useless / good begginer article :: one hint you should stress to your viewers is hero exp earned is split amongst heroes - attack with one and all experience goes to that one hero -- that includes here be monsters ( blue cave) c5 gives up to 14 k exp - use one hero and your hero level will skyrocket
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I've also noticed that in doing the challenges, exp is split between all heroes including tho garrisoned in towers.
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    Nice guide, is this game about the same as Clash of Titans? When I saw the article title somehow the first thing that came to my mind was Castle Crashers...
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    nice info if u want a good layout go check mine out babybeb ... I was 35k might but I just ate most of my heroes to take them all to level 8/9.. also mentioned above is 5 heroes max you can have 6 heroes now if u have 4 army camps 4 gold vaults 4 mana vaults 4 mana mines abd 4 gold mines all at level 16 or above ... great post for beginners one of the best ive seen
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    Great info for beginners . Kudos and well done . Just want to point out something here. Your base is good for anti raiding but not suitable HBM . HBM base formation needs to have open walls .
    But still , good guide for new players out there .
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I will admit, the set up I am showing in my article is pretty old at this point so I've gone ahead and added a screenie of my current base. If you could let me know what you think that would be awesome. I am able to beat rank D with this set up about 50% of the time. I usually just go with C to guarantee the win.
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    nice share! all castle clash beginners should read these important info's first before playing
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