ArcheAge Profession Guide: Introduction With A List Of All Professions

A basic breakdown of the profession system in ArcheAge.

This guide is the first in a series of profession guides. This first guide is a listing of all the available professions and a description for the ones I've encountered so far. Currently there are 21 professions between crafting and gathering, with a few miscellaneous ones thrown in.

Professions utilize your Labor Points to accomplish the tasks of that profession. For instance, Mining uses 5 LP to mine an Iron Vein and 20 points to mine a Fortuna Vein. As you use your LP your maximum LP will increase. LP is shared between all characters on the same account, likely to prevent people from taking advantage of things such as mining areas.

Starting out, you can specialize up to five times. Spending Vocation badges allows you to increase the amount of specializations you can do. It used to say up to a maximum of nine, but since a recent patch it no longer says this. Vocation badges are earned doing tasks to increase the proficiency of a profession. The amount of Vovation Badges earned depend on the action.

The List:

As I encounter professions I'll add descriptions for them. If there is no description I haven't dealt with that profession yet.

  • Alchemy: Used in the creation of potions, dyes, Lunadrops, Lunastones, Archeum Dust, and talismans. Alchemy is also increased through breaking down certain gear.
  • Handcrafts: A crafting profession where you make your instruments, jewelry, and several housing items.
  • Fishing: A gathering profession where you catch fish.
  • Machining: Used to make vehicles, siege equipment,
  • Mining: A gather profession used to collect ore and stone for Metalwork, Weaponry, and Masonry. At the Amateur level you can gather from Iron Veins and Fortuna Veins. Fortuna Veins randomly spawn in the location of an Iron Vein directly after clearing the Iron Vein.
  • Leather Work: Used to make leather armor.
  • Larceny
  • Construction: Used in building houses.
  • Husbandry: Raising, harvesting and butchering animals for various materials is done with Husbandry.
  • Logging: A gathering profession used in gathering logs for Carpentry.
  • Metalwork: Used to create Ingots and Plate Armor. Armor increases proficiency faster, but can be costly to make.
  • Masonry: Used to make bricks, gunpowder, and Hereafter Stones.
  • Weaponry: Uses Ingots to make metal weapons, shields, and explosives.
  • Commerce
  • Cooking: Used to make food items for stat bonuses.
  • Farming: Used to harvest fruits and nuts from trees.
  • Gathering: Used to gather textiles, spices, and other plants used in various crafting professions.
  • Printing
  • Tailoring: Used to create cloth and cloth armor from various textiles.
  • Carpentry: Used to make wooden weapons such as bows, staves, and sceptres.
  • Composition: Used to create your own music within ArcheAge.

There are a lot of professions, as I can only go through them so quickly, I've not actually had time to go in-depth with most of these. My main focus so far has been Mining, Metalwork, and Masonry, just because they go together. As I get more time to explore the professions I'll update descriptions here, and add links to specific in-depth profession guides. Be sure to check out my ArcheAge content directory for more guides.

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Published Sep. 23rd 2014

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