Pokemon Masters: Error Code 20101 Explained

The latest Pokemon mobile game launch is marred by a consistent server 20101 error that doesn't have many workarounds at the moment.

Pokemon Masters is the latest take on the long-running catch-em-all franchise. Unfortunately, like many major mobile game launches these days, things are off to a bumpy start, mainly because of error code 20101.

If you can't log in because of it, you aren't alone. The issue has plagued new players since the moment the game came online.

Pokemon Masters Error Code 20101

20101 error in Pokemon Masters asking to check the internet connection.

Both Error Code 20103 and the more common 20101 pop up with the message, "Please check your connection and try again," which is developer speak for a server error, very likely caused by a huge number of people all trying to connect at the same time on the first day of an international launch.

Unfortunately, the only real "fix" at this point is to close the app entirely, wait a few minutes, and then try it again.

If it keeps happening, just wait longer for the server to come back online (or for a new server to become available).

Some players have reported getting in faster by using a VPN that connects to a different server than you normally connect with, but frankly, that's a lot of work for something that will likely be fixed within the next day or so.

Considering that mobile games of this sort tend to have policies against that sort of behavior anyway, it may not be worth the chance of getting your account suspended, either.

For now, you can check out the list of known issues like Error Code 20101, and their expected resolution date, over at the Pokemon Masters website here.

Have you found a sure-fire workaround to the problem other than using a VPN? Let us know what worked for you, and we'll update this article with the fix! Once you can get in, be sure to check out our other Pokemon Masters guides over here.

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Published Sep. 3rd 2019

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