Rocket League: Season 10 Challenges List

Rocket League Season 10 brought with it a new Rocket Pass and Challenges. Find this Season's challenges here.

Rocket League Season 10 started on March 8, 2023, ushering in the new Deadeye Canyon Oasis Arena Variant, the Volkswagen Golf GTI, a new Rocket Pass, and Challenges to go along with it. There are both free and paid rewards in the Pass, and you will find the challenges you need to complete here.

Season 10 Rocket Pass Premium runs until June 7, and costs 1000 credits (around $10) to unlock. The Rocket Pass Premium bundle costs 2000 credits (around $20), granting you the Premium Pass with 12 tiers automatically unlocked. 

The Season Reward promises a Rare Drop, a Very Rare Drop, and an Import Drop. The Rocket Pass Premium will grant various items such as car accessories, decorations, goal explosions, XP boosts, and in-game credits. 

The aforementioned Volkswagen Golf GTI is available immediately upon unlocking the Premium Pass, with an upgraded version available after completing some challenges.

Rocket League Season 10 Challenges

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Stage 1 Challenges

  • Complete 22 Free Season Challenges to earn the Season Reward

Free Challenges

  • Get 50,000 total XP in Online Matches.
  • Score 30 Goals in Online Matches.
  • Play 20 Matches in any Casual Playlist.
  • Win 15 Online Matches.
  • Score at least 300 points in 30 Matches.
  • Get 250 Shots on Goal in Online Matches.

Premium Challenges

  • Play 10 Online Matches while driving the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Breakout, Fennec, Merc or Takumi.
  • Get 100 Centers in Online Matches.
  • Get 75 Assists in Online Matches.
  • Get 100 Shots on Goal in Online Matches.
  • Win 15 Online Matches.
  • Score 100 Goals in Online Matches.

Stage 2 Challenges

  • Unlocks on April 5, 2023

Stage 3 Challenges

  • Unlocks on April 26, 2023

Stage 4 Challenges

  • Unlocks on May 17, 2023

You can check back with us here on the respective dates for an updated list of Season 10 Challenges. In the meantime, check out our other Rocket League guides.

Feature image via Psyonix


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Published Mar. 14th 2023

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