Miitomo Drop: How to win the Vehicle Vogue sets

We've got yet another batch of Miitomo Drop minigames. This time Nintendo's giving us a chance to win Vehicle Vogue fashion!

Nintendo has released another set of 3 Miitomo Drop minigames. In these new Drivin' me crazy! Vehicle Vogue stages, we can win fashion befitting of any racing fan. Don't miss out on the chance to dress your Mii in racing gear! These stages cycle out on June 6th, 2016.

Vehicle Vogue #1
  • Miitomo Drop minigame vehicle vogue stage #1Auto-racing helmet (3 colors)
  • Auto-racing suit (3 colors)
  • Tire tread pants (6 colors)
  • Lowrider layered tee (6 colors)

This stage introduces a new environmental hazard to Miitomo Drop: stars. These stars only lightly bounce your Mii as they drop, usually sliding the Mii off at whatever wacky angle the stars may be traveling.

Making good use of these stars is essential to winning this stage's fashion sets. Whether you're going for the Auto-racing helmet and suit near the top or the Tire treat pants and Lowrider layered tee near the bottom, shoot for the stars.

Vehicle Vogue #2
  • Miitomo Drop minigame vehicle vogue stage #2Checkered flag pants (7 colors)
  • Checkered flag tie (3 colors)
  • Checkered flag shirt (7 colors)
  • Race car suit (6 colors)

Vehicle Vogue stage #2 pulls inspiration from the past to make another moving platform stage. Two sloped platforms move horizontally across the board, asking you to carefully time your drops in order to net your Mii the articles of clothing you desire.

Trick is, each platform is surrounded by bouncy dots, so if you accidentally hit the top edge, you can kiss your chances of winning that piece goodby as you're bounced over the moon. Try to time it so you land right between the pillars of bouncy dots.

Vehicle Vogue #3
  • Miitomo Drop minigame vehicle vogue stage #3Pit crew suit (3 colors)
  • Pit crew headset (3 colors)
  • Car shoes (6 colors)
  • Retro-car pin (3 colors)

The last Vehicle Vogue stage is a fun mixture of bouncy dots, bumpers, sloped platforms, and the infamous pink triangles. You'll need the first pink triangle's help if you're hoping to net the Pit crew suit and headset.

The Car shoes and Retro-car pin, on the other hand, are entirely up to the grace of velocity and sloped platforms. If you're moving quickly, you'll fly over the bouncy dot in the middle and land on the platform across from you. However, if the drop is slow going, the dot will catch you and you'll probably miss entirely and land on a piece of candy. Never know, though; you may get lucky.

Check back next time for the skinny on how to score big in Nintendo's next batch of Miitomo Drop minigames. Enjoying the Vehicle Vogue set? What'd you win? Chime in below!

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Published May. 30th 2016

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