Dissidia Opera Omnia Guide: Magic Pot Locations

Here's how to find and beat Magic Pots in Dissidia Opera Omnia.

Several quests in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia mobile ask players to defeat Magic Pots. These mysterious creatures are extremely rare, but there is a way to encounter them more often than the game's RNG typically allows.

The guide below tells you the exact locations of Magic Pots. In other words, where they spawn the most.

How to Find a Magic Pot in DFFOO

Currently, there are two guaranteed ways to get Magic Pots. The first one involves any of the current multiplayer events. Usually, you can encounter at least a few Magic Pots by the end of each event.

However, if you don't play multiplayer, then follow this chain of quests to encounter Magic Pots in single-player mode:

  1. Select the World of Illusions tab
  2. Go to the Carbuncle quest
  3. Choose the Power Orb Spring 3 mission

During the last wave of enemies in the Power Orb mission, you will encounter more Magic Pots than anywhere else in the game.

Of course, RNG still decides how many of them you will encounter. So it's a good idea to restart the mission and try again if you haven't got the required amount of Magic Pots the first time.

How to Beat a Magic Pot in DFFOO

The best character to use against a Magic Pot is Squall Leonhart. He wields a greatsword (gunsword) and the power of Black Crystal.

Use his Renzokuken+ ability, which deals six consecutive sword hits. You can finish the combo with Mighty Critical Hit and Leon's Pride, which is more than enough to deplete Magic Pot's 1,500 HP.

Of course, you can use any other available character, but Squall can defeat a Magic Pot in mere seconds, making it easier to farm more Magic Pots faster.

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Published Jul. 24th 2020

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