Rust Guide: How to Build Shelter in Rust

Your home is the safest place in the wilderness, find the right spot and you can live like a peasant king.

Building a shelter is a top priority when it comes to the world of Rust. Not only does it offer shelter, but it gives you a place to respawn with the right crafted items.

My Home is my Castle

Building shelter is relatively easy. With enough wood you can craft a simple hut and a door to keep out the undead and players. Though, a wooden door can be bashed open, so be wary. Metal is what you will be after, but on your first day you won't get that lucky. It will take 50 pieces of wood to build your first structure. Another 30 pieces will be required for the door. To gather wood, remember your trusty stone hatchet.

Location, location, location

Tuck your first little hovel away somewhere safe, between mountains is generally a good spot. Some players choose to park their homes right beside other players. This may be a good tactic to keep others away, but you have to worry about the resident beside you as well. But make sure you remember where it is, there is no in-game map, so it is easy to lose yourself and your makeshift home.

The next part will help you to remember your location should you die involuntarily.

Rest your head wary traveler

A sleeping bag will help you out immensely. When you die, if you own one, you will respawn in your hovel in the comfort of your sleeping bag. To craft one you will require numerous scraps of paper, which can be located in crates. 

Your initial accommodations are tiny, but they're home, aren't they?

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Published Jan. 14th 2021

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