Rust Guide: How to Survive Your First Day / Night

Surviving your first day/night in Rust can be daunting. With this quick guide the task may be a little easier.

Your first day in Rust can be a daunting one. There is no tutorial in Rust so it is up to the player to figure everything out. Luckily, I am here to get you on your way to surviving the wastelands.

You’ll be dropped in the middle of nowhere upon finding the right server for you. You start with a simple rock, some bandages and one torch - much needed supplies for the budding survivalist. Materials are the key to surviving in Rust to stay alive and craft better gear and shelter.

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On your first day the impending darkness of night will be the one thing you fear the most, or at least should.

The night lasts a long time in Rust, and if you don’t have supplies or a light source, you may not make it to the sunrise alive. Zombies are quite dangerous and it is easy to run up on them in the middle of the night, the same as it is for a player.

Your torch will not last the entire length of night, so building more will be ideal. That or staying stationery with your campfire, though the light makes for an easy target in the pitch black.


  1. Weapon/Tool
  2. Food – Don’t eat raw meat
  3. Fire
  4. Avoid Players
  5. Loot crates
  6. Shelter
  7. Prepare for the Night

If you’ve managed to complete all of these tasks before the sun rises the next day, well then, congratulations, you’ve survived your very first day in Rust. You gathered your goods, crafted your beginning gear, and made it out alive.

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Published Jan. 14th 2021

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