Trails of Cold Steel 4 Three and Nine Chapter Locations

Our Three & Nine chapter locations guide lists where to find each chapter so you can get a head start on what comes after Cold Steel 4.

Trails of Cold Steel 4 continues the series’ long-running tradition of scattering several books and novels throughout the game. “Three & Nine” is different, and it's worth tracking down all Trails of Cold Steel 4 "Three & Nine" chapters and reading through them.

The story is directly connected to protagonists Swin and Nadia in Hajimari no Kiseki, it connects to Sharon Kreuger's backstory, and it teases some of the plot setup for future games set in the Republic of Calvard.

Cold Steel 4 is huge, though, and there are often long spaces between finding "Three & Nine" chapters. Our Three and Nine locations guide takes the guesswork out of where and when to find each chapter.

Trails of Cold Steel 4: All "Three & Nine" Chapter Locations

As with Cold Steel 3, you can purchase some books from Neinvalli Exchange if you missed them the first time around in Cold Steel 4. Just know there are some big chunks in the middle of the game where you don't have access to the exchange store.

I also got each Three & Nine chapter when it was available, so I don't know if they stack at the exchange store (e.g., if you miss two chapters, whether they both show up for purchase later).

Luckily, if you use the list below, you won't have to worry about that. 

Chapter Name Chapter Date and Location
Three & Nine Chapter 1  8/7: Speak to Sigyn in Eryn Village (fortune teller's house)
Three & Nine Chapter 2  8/7: Speak to Lakelord II in Parm's White Footpath Inn
Three & Nine Chapter 3  8/10: Talk to Marjorie at the Alisha Casino in Raquel
Three & Nine Chapter 4  8/15: Speak with Flotte at the Vingt-Sept Cafe in Crossbell's Central Square
Three & Nine Chapter 5  8/21: Talk to Basani in Ordis' harbor district (he's the only sailor walking around near the water).
Three & Nine Chapter 6  8/24: Talk to Nash, one of the recruits in the yard in front of Titus Gate
Three & Nine Chapter 7  8/26: Speak to Tilia in front of Steinrose Distillery.
Three & Nine Chapter 8  8/27: Speak with Lucy in Marquis Hyarms' mansion in Saint-Arkh
Three & Nine Chapter 9  8/29: Talk to Sammy in Crossbell's West Street
Three & Nine Chapter 10  9/1: Chat with Kargo at St. Ursula's Medical College


That's it for our Trails of Cold Steel 4 Three & Nine chapter locations guide, but be on the lookout for more Cold Steel 4 guides in the coming days. If you found this guide useful, please consider giving it a share! 


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Published Nov. 7th 2020

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