Nier Reincarnation Ascension Guide: How to Ascend Weapons

Wondering how to ascend weapons in Nier Reincarnation? Here's everything you need to know.

Whether you get weapons by completing the story or through summons, you'll eventually need to Ascend them. We've already covered Nier Reincarnation's Ascension system for characters, and it works basically the same way for weapons, though there are a few small differences. 

Ascending weapons in Nier Reincarnation increases their level caps (allowing for more Enhancements), improves abilities, and unlocks new abilities. Overall, doing so will make you more powerful and increase your Force number, helping you take on tougher quests, subquests, and events. 

To Ascend a weapon, you'll need 25,000 Gold and certain Ascension materials. You can perform Ascensions with Pearls and with the same type and level of weapon. Let's go over Pearl types first.

A Black Pearl item and where it can be purchased with various currencies.

  • 2-Star weapons require Pearls
  • 3-Star weapons require Natural Pearls
  • 4-Star weapons require Black Pearls

Pearls can be purchased from the Shop with Arena Coins, Bookmarks, Sunset Port Medals, and Automata Medals. Here's what each one costs for each currency type: 

  • Pearl
    • 75 Arena Coins
    • 120 Sunset Port Medals
    • 120 Automata Medals
  • Natural Pearl 
    • 400 Arena Coins
    • 600 Sunset Port Medals
    • 600 Automata Medals
  • Black Pearl 
    • 1,200 Arena Coins
    • 1,500 Sunset Port Medals
    • 1,500 Automata Medals

It's possible that Pearls drop from quests, subquests, or events, but I've not yet had one drop as a reward, so I can't confirm.

Victorious Crook staff ascension menu.

You can also use weapons of the same type and level to perform Ascensions. For example, if you have two 4-Star Emil Heads, you can use one to Ascend the other. You'll still need 25,000 Gold, but since summoning dupe weapons it actually easier than getting some of the resources to buy Pearls, this may be a faster method.

To find your weapons, open the main menu and click on "Enhance." Then choose "Weapons." Every weapon in your deck will appear, and those with a red diamond in the upper right-hand corner can be Ascended.

Just as with characters, weapons can be Ascended four times.

And that's all you need to know about how to Ascend weapons in Nier Reincarnation. Ascension is essential to taking on some of the harder missions and quests in Reincarnation, so be sure to take advantage of the mechanic whenever you can! 

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Published Aug. 13th 2021

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