Destiny 2 Guide: How to Get Ace of Spades

Get yourself an exotic hand cannon, Ace of Spades, with the help of our step-by-step guide to Destiny 2.

The Hunter-exclusive exotic hand cannon, Ace of Spades, has returned to Destiny 2 in the new expansion -- Forsaken. This powerful weapon has 13 bullets in magazine and allows you to clear an entire room of enemies with precision kill bonuses.

Getting Ace of Spades will not be easy in Destiny 2, as the quest consists of several different steps, which are described in our step-by-step guide below. So keep on reading if you want to know how to get this exotic weapon right now.

Step 1: Start Cayde's Will Quest

The key to unlocking Ace of Spades lies in the Cayde's Will quest, which becomes available at Banshee-44 after you've finished the main campaign.

This quest consists of the following steps:

  • Get 5 Invasion Kills in Gambit

Gambit is a new PvP mode in the Forsaken DLC that puts two teams of four guardians against each other.

You can easily finish this step by asking your buddies to invade your game, and in this way you can quickly get the required 5 kills with a hand cannon.

  • Get 250 Kills in Strikes

This is probably the easiest task of them all. Just choose any of the available Strikes in Destiny 2 and look out for places where it's easy to farm Thralls. In no time you should be able to get the required 250 kills with your hand cannon.

  • Get 25 Precision Kills in Crucible

Choose any Crucible playlist that is available in Destiny 2 and equip a hand cannon that has the lowest recoil, which is exactly what you need for precision kills. In this case, the best choice would be Dire Promise, a legendary kinetic hand cannon that is available in Clan Engrams.

Step 2: Search for Cayde's Stashes

When you're done killing enemies with a hand cannon, you will be given the task to find four Cayde's caches that are hidden in different locations. Here's how you can get all of them quickly:

  • Find the cache on Io

When you arrive at Io's Lost Oasis landing zone, head straight to the northern area of Terrabase Charon. From there make your way up to The Wraith Mines location and you will see the chest hidden in a crack of the wall.

  • Find the cache on Nessus

The second cache will take you to Nessus. There go to Exodus Black landing zone and dive into the Sunken Cavern. Pass it through into the big round chamber and check out the top of the wall for another chest.

  • Find the cache on the Tangled Shore

At the asteroid wasteland of Tangled Shore go to the Jetsam of Saturn location, and head straight through the cave in the south to its very edge. There you will find an opening in the rock with another hidden stash at the Hellrise Canyon.

  • Find the cache in the EDZ

The final cache can be found in the EDZ at the Firebase Hades location. But not exactly, it's in one of the connecting areas -- Legions' Anchor, where the Arms Dealer strike takes place. Move towards the big alcove to your right and you should see the notification about the stash being nearby.

Step 3: Complete Ace in the Hole Quest

Lastly, go to Titan and finish a short and very simple Ace in the Hole solo mission, in which you will be listening to Cayde's monologue and pick up his chests on the way.

This is a very linear type of mission so you won't have trouble seeing the chests as they are openly placed throughout the main path.

When you find all 10 chests, bring the parts back to Banshee, and you will be rewarded with the Aces of Spades hand cannon.


That is all on how to get the Ace of Spades exotic weapon in the Forsaken expansion, and for other Destiny 2 guides at GameSkinny, be sure to check out the list below: 


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Published Sep. 13th 2018

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