Injustice 2 Guide: Power Leveling Characters to 20 in Versus Mode

Poison Ivy not your style? Cheetah not leveling as fast as you thought? Here's another quick and easy way to get those leftover characters to level 20 in no time.

Injustice 2 is a blast to play, and the game is still growing. With Darkseid, Red Hood, and Sub-Zero already added as DLC -- and Starfire and Fighter Pack 2 right around the corner -- this year's premiere comics fighter keeps getting better.

But with all these new characters coming out, how are you meant to catch up on getting all the others maxed out at level 20? Don't worry, GameSkinny has got you covered. In this leveling guide for Injustice 2, we're going to tell you how to get your fighters to 20 without having to spend a single source crystal.

There are two ways to power-level your characters: by grinding through Endless Mode or by forging games in Versus mode. We've already talked about power-leveling and earning gear in Injustice 2's Endless Mode, so we'll talk about the second method in this short guide. This one requires players to be a bit more active -- but if you do it right, it'll end up being the faster way to level your characters.

How to Power Level Characters with Versus Mode in Injustice 2

For this method, you'll need two controllers. Head into Versus Mode and select two characters you want to level up, then hop into a quick match. Grab the controller of the character that's lower level and win the match by beating on the helpless P2 dummy.

Winning against a character of a higher level will earn you EXP faster than by beating one at the same level or lower, and the rematch button makes the time between matches shorter -- so overall this method ends up being a bit faster than just sending a bot into Endless.

If the characters end up at even levels, just fight with the one of your choosing until it's higher level, then switch to the other. Continue this process until you hit 20 for all the characters you want to level.

When using this method, make sure to equip any EXP-boosting gear pieces you have. Pieces that give you bonuses for perfect rounds are extra useful here, as you'll be fighting a motionless dummy -- so you're assured a perfect each time.


And there you have it! Another simple way to power up your favorite superheroes and supervillains in Injustice 2. With Starfire due to launch soon, now's the perfect time to grind those last few characters up to 20 before she adds another to your to-do list. Let us know how your grinding goes in the comments, and we'll keep you posted on more Injustice 2 content in the future.

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Published Aug. 17th 2017

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