Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet a Co-Op Game? Answered

Wondering if Pokemon Scarlet and Violet features multiplayer co-op? We answer that question right here.

Pokemon trainers all over the world are so excited about the news that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have a multiplayer function, but the news of a Pokemon game having a multiplayer function is not something new. 

Ever since the OG versions, the multiplayer features have always been there. Players have always been able to trade and battle with other players. So what’s the buzz about the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s multiplayer features? Let’s find out.

Is There Multiplayer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The short answer to "Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet" a multiplayer co-op game is: yes, it is!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have really taken the franchise to a whole new level. The titles are not only the first ever open-world Pokemon game, but the first multiplayer co-op game as well. That means that you’re not only able to trade and battle your friends, but you can also explore the Paldea region together! 

Requirements for Co-Op Play

  1. Individual copies of Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet.
  2. Individual active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online membership.

How to Play Co-Op in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

To create a party with your friends, you need to go to Union Circle first. Once there, you can use a new feature called Poke Portal. You can invite up to three of your friends to join your party. Once everybody has joined your game, you are now free to do whatever you want. You can roam together and battle wild Pokemon or go on different adventures and meet again on a later date to trade or battle.

You and your friends can also battle a Terastralise (a new mechanic in Scarlet and Violet) Pokemon in the new Tera Raid Battle feature. It’s very similar to how Max Raid Battles work in Sword and Shield, the biggest change is that it’s all in real-time. You don’t need your teammates to move before you can move. It’s really a test of your coordination and teamwork skills. 

With that, you now know that the answer to "Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet a co-op game" is a resounding yes! You also know how to partner up with friends and family, as well as how to play with them to catch em all across Paldea. For more, head over to our Scarlet and Violet guides page

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Published Jan. 11th 2023

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