Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — How to Change Your Character's Appearance

Unlike Sekiro, Wo Long lets you customize your character and, eventually, unlock the ability to change your appearance. Here's what you need to know.

Character creation is a big part of the overall player experience in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and knowing how to change your appearance goes hand in hand with that. Like Nioh 2Wo Long gives you the option to fully customize your look before starting the game. And don't you worry: there's a way to fiddle with your character's features later if you don't like what you initially created. 

To get regain access to the character creator after initially booting up the game, you'll have to put a decent amount of time into Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It's not until you meet a certain mid-game NPC that you'll be able to re-enter the character creation menu. 

Changing Your Character's Appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Explained

To change your appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you'll need to play through the main missions until you meet a character named Zuo Ci (it's a similar process to unlocking multiplayer). You'll have unlocked the Hidden Village hub at this point, and after you complete this mission, Zuo Ci will follow you back to the area. From there, you can visit the character sitting in the hut behind where you spawn in the Hidden Village.

By talking to Zuo Ci, you'll be able to select a number of new gameplay options from his menu. One of these is called Character Creation. By selecting this menu, you'll be sent back to the character creation menu and given the opportunity to change your appearance.

You can change your character's look as many times as you want for no charge. He will also let you re-spec your character at any time. You'll also be able to respec your character here.

And with that, you know how to change your character's appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Though it's a long time before you unlock the ability to do so, the process itself is fairly straightforward. For more of our continued coverage of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, visit our hub page guides and more for Team Ninja's latest grueling action title.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2023

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