Octopath Traveler 2 Secondary and Advanced Jobs Unlock Guide

Grant your characters extra skills with the help of our guide on how to unlock all secondary and advanced jobs in Octopath Traveler 2.

Secondary and advanced jobs in Octopath Traveler 2 are important roles that give characters the ability to equip and take advantage of additional skills and weapons they wouldn't normally have access to on a base level. Each has specific unlock requirements and conditions, and depending on your playstyle and need, you're here because you want to know how to get them. 

There are eight primary jobs in Octopath Traveler 2, one for each playable character. On top of that, there are four advanced roles that can be unlocked and equipped for a total of 12. In addition to that, each character can equip secondary professions from any of those to expand their combat and support capabilities. We'll cover them all in the guide below. 

Secondary Jobs Unlock Requirements in Octopath Traveler 2

Hunter Job

  • Damage: Lightning
  • Weapon: Axe, Bow

Hunter is Ochette's primary job, which allows you to increase the critical hit rate of all allies using the Take Aim skill. You can also increase the chance of acting twice during a turn with the Salt the Wound support skill.

Here's how to unlock Hunter as your secondary job:

  1. Travel to Tropu'hopu town in Toto'haha. 
  2. Take the west exit of the Western Tropu'hopu Traverse.
  3. Walk along the beach.
  4. Enter the ruins west of save point.
  5. Walk through the ruins.
  6. Enter an opening in the trees to your west.
  7. Speak to the Hunters Guild Master.

Apothecary Job

  • Damage: Ice
  • Weapon: Axe

Apothecary is Castti's primary job, with such skills like Dohter's Charity, which allows you to use the same items in three consecutive turns, and Preventative Measures, which makes you immune to Enfeeble for three turns.

Follow these steps to unlock the Apothecary job:

  1. Travel to Conning Creek town in Harborlands.
  2. Find the building to the south of the Inn.
  3. Speak to the Apothecaries Guild Master.

Thief Job

  • Damage: Dark
  • Weapon: Sword, Dagger

Thief is Throne's primary job. The Aeber's Reckoning skill lets you shower your enemies with daggers, and Life in the Shadows gives you the chance to earn extra EXP and JP at night. 

Here's how to unlock Thief as your secondary job: 

  1. Travel to Clockbank: Industrial District in Brightlands.
  2. Go west until you reach the stairs.
  3. Pass through the building archway.
  4. Enter the opening masked by three crates.
  5. Speak to the Thieves Guild Master (who only appears at night).

Scholar Job

  • Damage: Fire, Ice, Lightning
  • Weapon: Staff

Scholar is Osvald's primary job. It allows you to enhance spells for your allies using Alephan's Wisdom. You can also increase the number of intense spells using the Advanced Magic Master skill.

Follow these steps to unlock the Scholar job: 

  1. Travel to Winterbloom in Winterlands.
  2. Take the western exit to Western Winterbloom Snows.
  3. Move west until you reach the steps leading north.
  4. Go up the steps and enter the brick building.
  5. Speak to the Scholars Guild Master inside.

Merchant Job

  • Damage: Fire
  • Weapon: Polearm, Bow

Merchant is Partitio's primary job. It allows you to deal non-elemental damage, which is then converted into Leaves using the Bifelgan's Bounty skill. You can also fill up an equipping character's Latent Power gauge at the start of a battle with the help of Full Power skill.

To equip the Merchant secondary job, you need to:

  1. Travel to Crackridge in the Wildlands.
  2. Take the western exit to Western Crackridge Wilds.
  3. Go northwest from the save point.
  4. Cross the land bridge and the wooden bridge that goes from north to south.
  5. Climb the ladder onto the small ledge.
  6. Speak to the Merchants Guild Master.

Dancer Job

  • Damage: Wind
  • Weapon: Dagger

Dancer is Agnea's primary job. The Sealticge's Seduction skill extends the use of an ally's skills to the rest of the team for three turns. You can also help your ally fill up a Latent Power gauge using the Invigorate and Inspire skill.

Here's how to unlock the Dancer secondary job:

  1. Travel to Wellgroove in Leaflands.
  2. Go to the far northern edge of town.
  3. Enter a small building with thatch roofing.
  4. Speak to the Dancers Guild Master.

Cleric Job

  • Damage: Light
  • Weapon: Staff

Cleric is Temenos' primary job. It grants an ally an extra move at the end of each turn for three turns in a row by way of the Aelfric's Blessing divine skill. You can recover HP using the Rise Again skill.

Follow these steps to equip the Cleric job:

  1. Travel to Borderfall in Crestlands.
  2. Go northwest from the save point.
  3. Cross the rope bridge that extends from north to south.
  4. Enter the church in the north.
  5. Speak to the Clerics Guild Master.

Warrior Job

  • Damage: Non-Elemental
  • Weapon: Sword, Polearm

Warrior is Hikari's primary job. It grants access to powerful sword attacks using the Brand's Blade skill and increased damage with Deal More Damage skill.

Follow these steps to unlock the Warrior job:

  1. Travel to Sai in Hinoeuma.
  2. Go to the northern part of town.
  3. Enter the large dojo building.
  4. Speak to the Warriors Guild Master.

Advanced Job Unlock Requirements

Armsmaster Job

  • Damage: Non-Elemental
  • Weapon: All

This advanced job has a number of powerful skills that can be executed with each weapon type, but its most powerful one is Arm's Refinement, which fills up your Latent Power gauge once you strike an enemy's weak spot.

Here's how to unlock the Armsmaster job:

  1. Travel to Gravell in the Wildlands.
  2. Find a house blocked by a Debt Collector at the forge.
  3. Defeat the Debt Collector and enter the house.
  4. Speak to the Retired Blacksmith.
  5. Start the "In Search of the Divine Weapons" side quest.
  6. Find and bring one of six Rusty Weapons to the Retired Blacksmith. 
  7. As a reward, you will be given the Proof of the Armsmaster.

Arcanist Job

  • Damage: Light, Dark
  • Weapon: Dagger, Staff

The second advanced job allows players to extend the effect of a random buff on an ally using the Seal of Eternity skill and equalize both elemental and physical attacks of an ally with the help of Equal Might skill.

Here's how to unlock this job:

  1. Acquire the Grand Terry from Partitio's The Scent of Commerce in Tropu'hopu.
  2. Travel to the whirlpool between Toto'haha and the Brightlands.
  3. Defeat the Scourge of the Sea.
  4. Travel to The Lost Isle south of Clockbank. 
  5. Go in the western direction along an invisible road, which becomes visible only at night.
  6. Speak to the Arcanist Descendant.

Conjurer Job

  • Damage: All
  • Weapon: Bow, Staff

Conjurer is an advanced job that grants a lot of SP and BP with skills like Prayer for Rain and BP Boost, as well as BP Regeneration.

To unlock this job:

  1. Complete all of Hikari's main story.
  2. Start "A Tower of Trials" quest in Hinoeuma.
  3. Defeat all five bosses within the Five-Tiered Tower.
  4. Defeat the final boss Conjurer.

Inventor Job

  • Damage: Non-Elemental
  • Weapon: Sword, Axe

This advanced job is very useful because it allows you to craft various inventions using the All-Purpose Tool and increase physical and elemental defenses of your allies with the help of the Fruits of Labor skill.

Here's how to get this job:

  1. Travel to Eastern New Delsta Highroad in Brightlands.
  2. Go in the southeastern direction until you reach a bridge.
  3. Cross the bridge and enter the house.
  4. Speak to Arkar inside this house.

That's all you need to know on how to unlock all secondary and advanced jobs in Octopath Traveler 2. Also, be sure to check out more Octopath Traveler 2 tips and tricks articles right here.

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Published Mar. 16th 2023

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