FFXIII: Bahamut Fight Guide

A guide on how to beat Bahamut in Final Fantasy XIII

So I decided to try and get back into Final Fantasy XIII since Lightning Returns is coming out soon. The reason I never finished Final Fantasy XIII is because on my Xbox 360 version I pushed forward to Vanille's Eidolon before my characters were developed enough. At this point in the game if you continue forward too soon, you can't go back. So I quit, I just had no desire to continue playing anymore.

Where I got stuck this time

After some time away from the game, I came back on the Playstation 3 version and played it. I got to the point of Fang's Eidolon Bahamut, now I can no longer beat him. The strategy I was getting closest with was Healer Healer Sentinel. Lightning and Vanille just take way to much damage in any form though, so I eventually fail. I scoured the internet for a strategy to successfully defeat Bahamut.

The Strategy

I found a guide that suggests to set up Paradigms a certain way. However, you have to restart the battle at the start so that you can set them up right.
Paradigm slots:

  • Saboteur/Saboteur/Medic(starting slot)
  • Sentinel/Ravager/Ravager
  • Sentinel/Medic/Medic

The guide tells you to cast a few quick debuffs on Bahamut and switch to Sentinel double Ravager setup and chain build. After a 2 hit knock up combo from Bahamut you are then supposed to swap to Sentinel double Medic, recover then swap back to double Ravager build.

The problem of the guide

The problem is the guide leaves out two important details. First, you need to make sure Lightning can survive a combo. At this point Lightning is the only character that can revive, so losing her is game over. Equip Lightning with defensive accessories.

Second, Paradigms must be swapped while Bahamut is mid-attack so you aren't losing your window of opportunity. Switching between attacks gives Bahamut free reign on attacking which means you immediately have to switch to double medic. When done right, this fight is under two minutes long so just try to time your shifts and you're good to go.

I hope you find this to be helpful, happy gaming!

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Published Dec. 5th 2013
  • drea_5693
    OMG THANK YOU! All the other ones I found had commando in it and I was dying first hit. With this guide I had him in less than a min

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